Apple will fix another annoying detail of the iPhone camera

Goodbye to night mode (if you want)

The application of iPhone camera It has always been characterized by being very simple, too much if we compare it with what native Android terminal apps usually offer. Even so, what for some is a clear disadvantage, for others it is one of its great virtues. And you have to admit that to a certain extent this is the case, because you just open it, frame it and shoot. Zero hassle, although you have a few options to fix focus, exposure, and some additional detail.

However, as with other aspects, there are details that could bother a lot in the day to day taking photos. One of these was related to night mode. This was introduced with the release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro to improve results when capturing images in low light. The problem is that sometimes he jumped when he shouldn’t have. You know, the problems of letting the phone decide for itself how it should process an image.

Well, if in iOS 14 that feature can be disabled, the problem is that it is only temporary and when you exit or it crashes, it ends and you start the camera app again. So it can get to annoy you shots that cannot be repeated.

With the arrival of iOS 15, the next version of the operating system that will arrive this fall, this feature of the night mode can be permanently deactivated. This is how you solve a function that sometimes caused more headaches than benefits. And in the same way, it can be activated only when you want to.

Of course, in order to access this option, you will have to go to the iOS Settings and in the Camera section enter the option to Keep settings. There you will find an additional option that will affect night mode in the same way that it does now for other features. Thus, when you activate or deactivate this mode, it will not be done temporarily but fixed.

Repairing the iPhone camera

This change in the iPhone camera application joins others that we have known in recent days and that are going to mean an interesting improvement in the photographic capabilities of the Apple phone, which in itself was already interesting in this regard, but he had little details to figure out.

With iOS 15 the issue of night mode is solved, also the annoying green halos among others that appeared when taking photographs where there was a powerful light source (this will be done through processing). In addition, although I am surely limited to the new terminals, there is also talk of the arrival of the portrait mode when recording video and the possibility of record in ProRes format, a codec that allows higher quality video.

In short, we will see what is left when the iPhone 13 is presented or whatever they decide to call it. Because with Apple you never know, but it is clear all this is necessary considering how Android phones have improved and continue to do so in photographic matters.

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