Apple will launch a new Mac that few counted on

Apple’s product launch schedule is marked in red this fall. But in strong red. So much so that if you look your eyes hurt. New iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, AirPods and… Mac! The brand’s computers will be the protagonists again at the end of the year, continuing the path started by the M1 in November 2020. And, in addition, a new Mac range unpublished until now and, despite being rumored, it did not sound in the pools until a few hours ago.

Gurman confirms the new “Mac mini Pro”

An advanced Mac mini? Or a scaled-down Mac Pro? We don’t know how to refer to the new computer that the Cupertino company is planning according to the latest reports from prolific analyst Mark Gurman. On an aesthetic level, and according to the information of another well-known analyst like Jon Prosser, this would be something like three or four stacked Mac minis one above the other. It would remind a bit of the already mythical Power Mac G4 Cube.

Jon Prosser’s “Mac mini Pro” Concept

This computer would have the new M1X chip that would also introduce the redesigned MacBook Pro. An improved version with respect to the well-known M1 and that would serve to further enhance the performance of teams focused on professionals. And seeing that the Mac mini, despite its benefits, falls a bit short for some, this new computer would act as the ‘Pro’ version of the Mac mini, although without reaching the power that it is expected to have in its day. Mac Pro with Apple Silicon (these are currently mounting Intel chips).

Of course, this new Mac would not leave out the Mac mini that we all already know. In fact, it is expected that it will continue to be kept in the company’s catalog because in the end the new model does not come to replace it but to be a complement to other user profiles. Therefore it is evident that the price It will also be different in both cases, so from the outset it would not be strange to find that this new team reaches 1,000 dollars / euros or is close to it.

And when is their arrival expected?

Then November It seems that it will be the chosen month, as it was last year. There is no official confirmation by Apple as it could not be otherwise given the company’s custom to never advance its presentations or launches. However, there are several sources that have cited this month as the key for the company to issue an online event with which to publicize these Mac news.

An event where this new Mac will be accompanied by two new MacBook Pros. One of them would be the 14-inch, an improved version of the current 13.3-inch. The other would be the 16-inch one. Both would incorporate a redesign in which, in addition to optimizing the screen space, it would reincorporate elements such as the HDMI ports, card reader and even MagSafe.

render macbook pro

We will remain attentive in the coming weeks to new information about it, but for the moment all this looks very good. At Apple, they are aware of the overwhelming success that their new computers with ARM processors are having and have secured a promising future that will continue with these three new computers with that long-awaited M1X chip.

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