Apple will present a new financial report on April 28


Apple presents financial reports every year for users, shareholders and other companies to see the economic health of the company, as well as being an exercise in transparency. Although it is true that we have not known exactly the number of devices sold for a long time, the money it expresses in global terms gives us an idea of ​​which of its divisions is financially healthier and which ones it should take a hit on. table to improve the figures. next april 28 we will have a new report covering December through March of this year.

On April 28, Apple will release a new financial report with figures for the last quarter covering from December to March. A difficult quarter for the company and the rest of the world. It has been the moment when coronavirus infections have suffered a strong rebound due to one of the varieties of the original strain, causing some Apple Stores to have had to close temporarily. In addition, the chip crisis is still on the rise and it shows and will continue to show.

However, it has also coincided with the Christmas period and on vacations where Apple once again has been the protagonist of gifts for families. This should boost spirits and see that the numbers that will be presented are sure to be very good. Maybe not as good as the previous quarter. The company generated 89.6 billion dollars in the period prior to this report. We’ll see if he can at least match these numbers.

Be that as it may, on April 28 at 13:30 local time, The new report will be presented with the new figures and I am sure that they will not be bad at all. It is even likely that a new record will be broken. Of course, keep in mind that the new devices presented do not fit here. Not enough time has passed to determine its success or failure.

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