Apple would embark on the design of a 20″ MacBook with a foldable screen, expected to be released in 2026

While rumors of an iPhone Fold have slowly died down, there are still rumors that Apple is preparing a revolutionary computer, a mix of foldable screen tablet and MacBook.

Foldable screen computer prototype / Credit: 123RF

Rumor has it that Apple is working on various foldable devices with OLED screens. The Apple firm first wants to see the production of OLED screens increase to then offer a 20″ MacBook Pro. If the information were true, this revolutionary laptop would not be on the market for three or four years.

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According to the Korean site The Elec, informants working within the supply chain of Apple claim that the most listed company in the world is preparing a new generation of devices based on OLED screens. Among them would be a MacBook Pro whose screen would measure 20 inches diagonally, when unfolded. This revelation is surprising, as it is true that Apple has never shown great interest in foldable smartphones. Samsung even made an advertisement on this theme to make fun of its competitor.

No iPhone Fold in sight, but a MacBook Pro with a foldable screen would appear on the horizon 2026

In the words of the South Korean site, “given that the screen size reaches 20 inches when unfolded, this product will have a shape close to a laptop. It should be 15.3 inches when folded “. The technology will not be exclusively used on a MacBook in the new format. Apple will most likely release it on iPads and, why not, on its smartphones. That said, the iPhone Fold, Apple’s foldable smartphone, is an Arlesian that no one really believes in anymore.

As interesting as they are, the information on The Elec site should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple can go to great lengths to R&D a product, only to cancel its release at the last minute. To believe them, Apple will make the transition to OLED technology as early as 2024 with its 11″ and 12.9″ iPads. The screens would be provided to them by LG and/or Samsung. From 2025, MacBooks would benefit from this new type of display. Later that year, the Cupertino company would unveil a foldable iPad. The technological apotheosis would arrive in 2026 or 2027, with the release of this famous 20″ MacBook.

Source : The Electric

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