Apple would launch a new iPad mini, will this be its price?

Despite no signs, it may go up

We know that the statement in this heading doesn’t fix much in the end because we’re also not saying something that just can’t be imagined by anyone. It can go up, it can go down or it can stay. On the subject of prices, Apple is usually very careful and on rare occasions there are very reliable leaks with which to know it before the presentation. And while it is true that in this case there has not even been a rumor, we can guess that it will rise for a reason.

This iPad mini, which will be redesigned and updated at the hardware level, is very reminiscent of what happened last year with the iPad Air, which also underwent an internal and external transformation. In that case, it was 100 euros of increase, which was obtained if we compare the third generation (549 euros) with the fourth and last generation so far (649 euros). Not that it was an absolutely disproportionate rise, but a considerable one.

If we look at the 5th generation iPad mini, which is still on sale at Apple, we can see that part of the 449 euros. The price of this iPad, that although in its day could be debatable, today it seems already excessive considering that in 2 years it has not changed and that its components are no longer so up-to-date. Sticking with the unwritten rule of the iPad Air, the iPad mini 6 we could see it from 549 euros.

Price of the current iPad mini (4th gen. – 2019)

This is how the price increase could be justified

As we said, that amount shown previously is not something official, although it is a probability seeing how Apple moves in these areas when it makes an important change in its tablet. In any case, it finally rises or anything else happens, we can already anticipate some of the filtered characteristics with which the company could justify the hypothetical rise.

  • New design: With a screen increase that could exceed 9 inches, the new iPad mini could continue to maintain a reduced size thanks to the fact that the Home button would disappear and the front would be rushed with very reduced frames.
  • Apple Pencil 2 compatibility: Together with the design, we would find the possibility of being able to use the second generation of Apple’s stylus that could be stored and recharged magnetically on one of the sides of the tablet, as is already the case with the iPad Pro and iPad Air.
ipad mini 6 render

6th generation iPad mini concept

  • USB-C: this standard that never seems to reach the iPhone, if it seems to be the present and future of the iPad. After the ‘Pro’ and ‘Air’ models, it will be the turn of the ‘mini’ that will be able to take advantage not only of the most universal charging standard, but also of improvements in cable data transfer.
  • New processor: There are certain contradictions in the leaks, as some claim that the A14 Bionic chip will mount this tablet and others the A15 that Apple will present with the iPhone 13. Be that as it may, the change will be remarkable and more if we take into account that the current ‘mini 5’ features an A12 Bionic.

Less and less is missing to officially know all the details. In fact, it may be a little over a week, so if you want not to miss it, we recommend that you keep an eye on this web page where we will keep track of this and other upcoming releases from the Cupertino company.

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