Apple’s 27-inch mini-LED monitor is coming in October

The launch of the 27-inch monitor with Apple’s mini-LED technology will take place, according to the latest information, sometime in octobernews that comes from reliable sources, and that also has an explanation: the impact that the Shanghai lockdown, due to the resurgence of COVID-19, has had on the supply chain.

In order to avoid the problems that are occurring again in the supply chain due to these outbreaks of COVID-19, the Cupertino company has had no choice, according to the source, but to move the production of this monitor from Quanta Computer to another supplierwhich in the end has also ended up producing significant delays.

With everything, It seems that the situation is already stabilized, since we have that final release date and this points to October. I remind you that the launch of this monitor was initially scheduled for June, so the fact that it will arrive in October supposes a delay of four months, something reasonable considering the current situation and the damage that the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause. COVID-19.

Apple will position its 27-inch mini-LED monitor as a solution aimed at professionals. This model will have ProMotion technology and a variable refresh rate of 120 Hz, which means that we are essentially looking at a “Studio Display Pro”, although it is not clear if Apple will use that name or if it will choose another name when marketing this monitor.

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The source that has given this information is reliable because it accumulates quite a few hits on Apple products, specifically it hit the nail on the head recently with the specifications of the new iPad mini, and also with some details of the new Apple MacBook Pro. We have no details on the price that this new monitor from the apple company will have, but taking into account that the Studio Display costs 1,799 euros, we can take it for granted that this hypothetical «Studio Display Pro» it will be much more expensive.

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