Apple’s ambitious roadmap for the next twelve months

One more year, Apple hits the table and announces an arsenal of new products that could see the light between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The range of novelties is extensive, from an update of AirPods Pro with heart monitor included; a multi-touch screen for HomePod; the addition of additional games and a better processor for Apple TV or new Apple Watch models, to mixed reality headsets equipped with an Apple chip and a low-power M2 processor; four iPhone 14 devices, two of them with an A16 chip; updates to the iPad -including the iPad Pro models and the A14 model- and news for Mac, with the M2 and M3 models, which includes the M2 Pro, Max, Ultra and Extreme configurations.

The long-awaited AR Glasses

What is clear is that among the next novelties the apple giant will put special emphasis on augmented reality glasses or AR glasses. It is a product that, in all likelihood, will alternate augmented reality with virtual reality in order to offer a gadget with which they intend to revolutionize the sector once again.

According to Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg analyst and Apple specialist, Apple Glass could have already passed the Design Validation Test (DVT) phase to be presented later this year.

A greater offer of business services

In addition to introducing regular new security and software updates and enhanced business support services, Apple will continue to evolve its offerings for professionals.

This means faster processors but with much lower power needs; new and powerful health data collection systems on their devices -the so-called augmented health-; will insert A16 chips into iPhone Pro models while equipping iPhone range with A15 processors, more optimized and improved. And professional iPhones will have additional features and capabilities.

Another novelty has to do with the AirPods Pro that will use USB-C and have microphones built into the case to use as a headset, motion sensors, built-in fitness tracking, temperature detection, and a heart rate sensor.

From a more corporate point of view, the tech giant will continue in 2023 to work to mitigate the impact on hardware manufacturing while also seeking to meet its own zero carbon targets for 2030. The need to optimize manufacturing processes is critical in all industries, so sustainability and recycling will be central to Apple’s new hardware designs. The company defends the creation of “green devices” thanks to innovation in processes or the use of recycled materials.

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