Apple’s AR glasses could come with a monthly subscription

AR glasses

I don’t know how long we’ve been talking about the rumors about Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses. The point is that from time to time new ones appear that make us always be attentive to this new device. The funny thing is that it is on the way to look like Apple’s electric car. Many rumors but few confirmations. What is clear is that there is much talk about them. That if they are going to be of very high quality with exquisite materials, that if their technology is going to be very advanced, that the quality of the images will be exceptional and that they will cost a lot. Now the new thing is that you may have to buy them with a monthly subscription to get all the performance they can offer.

If we recap the rumors so far. What may be clear to us is that augmented and virtual reality glasses will be very expensive due to their quality and because they are from Apple, of course. The new rumors indicate that in order to use them in all their splendor, we will have to pay a subscription. The truth is that this new rumor does not seem crazy to me, knowing how Apple does things on certain occasions. But then I think the thousand dollar price of the device should be reconsidered as rumors indicate.

It is thought that the glasses will be launched this year 2022 and that shipments of up to 14 million units will be reached. With an annual growth rate of 43%. But given its rivals, a new report indicates that Apple will probably go to the commercial market and adopt same pricing strategy as HoloLens, hardware priced in the thousands of dollars and a monthly subscription-based software solution.

Only time can determine if these new rumors are correct or on the contrary, it will give us a surprise.

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