Apple’s cheapest iPad, now at a discount

Fortunately for users, Apple has a wide variety of products in its catalogue, thus offering different purchasing possibilities, both for those who want something totally pro, and for those who do not need all the power of the new processors. Well, this time we want to talk about the 10th generation iPad, the cheapest Apple that now has a discount on Amazon.

iPad 10th generation sale

One of the things that has changed at Apple over the years is the wide variety of options that the user enjoys when purchasing practically any device. In the case of the iPad it is quite evident, starting with the 10th generation iPad and ending with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The 10th generation iPad is the cheapest last generation model offered by the Cupertino company, and even so, it has not been free of criticism due to its price, since it has increased compared to the 9th generation iPad.

Even so, this device continues to offer a price that is not scandalous at all, and that is that all those who want to buy it through the Apple Store, they will have to pay 579 euros for its 64 GB model. Now, luckily for many, Amazon offers a very interesting discount that we leave you below.

  • iPad 10th generation with 64 GB of storage:
    • Blue color: 40 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 40 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 55 euros discount.
    • Yellow color: 40 euros discount.
  • iPad 10th generation with 256 GB of storage:
    • Blue color: 64 euros discount.
    • Silver color: 64 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 64 euros discount.
    • Yellow color: not available.

Is this iPad worth it?

This is the big question that many users ask themselves when deciding whether or not to buy the 10th generation iPad. The reality is that, despite the controversy surrounding this device, the leap that Apple has made with respect to the 9th generation iPad is evident. First of all, the design changes completely and it adopts the full screen that the rest of the iPad models already enjoyed, although this is really the least of it.

iPad 10 and keyboard

The most important point is the inclusion of USB-C port in this device, which allows users to connect many more accessories to enhance the possibilities of an iPad that, compared to the rest, is much cheaper. In addition, Apple has introduced a new exclusive keyboard, the Magic Keyboard Folio, a mix between the traditional Smartkeyboard and the Magic Keyboard of the iPad Air and Pro. The experience offered by this keyboard is fantastic, especially due to the presence of the trackpad, which allows users to use it “like a computer”. . Of course, when talking about accessories we must mention that the Apple Pencil compatible It is still the first generation, which means that in order to charge this accessory you have to have an adapter that, of course, is not entirely comfortable, but which obviously already comes with the Apple Pencil.

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