Apple’s first “back to school” promotions already appear in some countries

back to school

It’s not even been a week since our children have finished school, and we’re already starting to see the promotions of «back to school” from Apple. But don’t worry, there is no rush, for the moment, they have not appeared in our country.

The first to be seen was at the beginning of June in USA., and as of today, it has also been activated in Canada and Mexico. Let’s see what these promotions consist of, since we can find a similar one in the Apple Store in our country in a matter of weeks.

At the beginning of June, Apple already launched in its country of origin the campaign of offers and discounts for students, with a view to acquiring their new devices for the next academic year. Today this campaign has also been extended to two more countries: Canada and Mexico.

Starting today through October 2, college students and their teachers in those countries can get a free Apple gift card or accessory with the purchase of select Mac or iPad models, in addition to the traditional Apple education discount. Also added to the offer is a 20% discount on AppleCare+ plans for certain devices.

The Canadian offer

For Canadian students, Apple offers a 200 gift card Dollars with the purchase of a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, and a $150 gift card whether it’s an iPad Pro, iPad Air, or Mac mini.

Once the purchase is made, said gift card can be used to buy Apple products and accessories, App Store applications, or the different subscriptions to services offered by the company.

The Mexican promotion

For Mexican students, Apple offers some Third generation AirPods with any purchase of a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac, and a few Second generation AirPods if you buy a Mac mini, and a second-generation Apple Pencil if you buy a new iPad Pro or iPad Air.

We will see then which of them reaches our country. As it depends a bit on the school calendar of each state, it is possible that they will arrive in Europe first in those countries that start the school year in August, so we still have a few weeks to go before it arrives in Spain.

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