Apple’s hidden secrets ahead of its new event

The camera of the iPhone 13, possible protagonist of the invitation

As we have said, each of the invitations sent by Apple for its Keynotes has some kind of surprise. On this occasion Apple has opted for a photograph of a night landscape with an Apple logo superimposed whose surroundings are illuminated. According to rumors on the net right now, the new iPhone 13 will have major rear camera improvements. That is why this photograph can give a lot of information about what we are going to end up seeing.

Apple in the video that accompanies this invitation focuses mainly on the night sky where you can see small points that are the stars. Rumors suggest that Apple will include the astrophotography and this invitation seems to wink at it. With this functionality it will be a lot easier to take a picture of a night sky and capture each of the stars and also take a photograph of the moon with a very good quality. In addition, without leaving the photographic field, it seems that larger lenses that offer better resolution and a larger capture field would also be included. These two characteristics can be seen in this invitation as small winks.

Beyond the camera, the color palette of the photograph also hints at what could be seen in the design of the iPhone. If you look closely, you can see gold and pink colors. This may be a nod to the new colors coming to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max that would have this type of tonality as has already been seen in different models. That is why this is an invitation that may have many nods to the future products that Apple will present next Tuesday.

Does the Apple logo hide a wink?

Beyond the photograph in the background, the eyes have also been placed on the logo that is superimposed on it. It stands out quite a bit to the eye since it has an outline highlighted with light, and that is why some people have thought at the time that it was a nod to the MacBook and the rear logo. Apple dropped the backlighting on the latest models, and veterans have thought it might end up coming back on this invitation.

But this is something quite unlikely. The new MacBooks would not arrive until the end of the year according to the rumor mill because of the shortage generated in the drivers that is necessary for the manufacture of this device. We are also facing an event in which all rumors suggest that it will only focus on the new iPhone 13. These are also expected to present the new Apple Watch.

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