Apple’s latest craze: an iPad Pro, giant?

Increasing the screen of the iPad Pro, good idea?

Currently the iPad Pro has a maximum screen size of 12.9 ″. If Apple’s plans go ahead it could reach almost 16 ″ which is undoubtedly equivalent to what the MacBook Pro have right now. This will cause both teams to overlap completely but without a doubt the Mac would end up overshadowing it. And this would be a consequence of the iPad’s own software that is not quite adequate to be used as a computer.

iPad Pro + keyboard

There are many deficiencies that iPadOS presents today and that are not fully resolved with the new update that will arrive in the fall. One of these problems is undoubtedly the absence of an iInterface suitable for connecting an iPad to an external monitor. This is vital to be able to use an iPad as if it were a real computer that in the end is the goal that Apple can reach and that is how they have wanted to sell it. The other big problem you have is the absence of programs that are suitable for professionals.

Between these absences stands out for example programs like Final Cut. A tool that is basic for any type of professional in the video editing sector and that obviously limits the use of the iPad Pro. This also adds to the difficulty of using a mouse with the same ease as on a Mac, but in the end If you want to have all these characteristics, we would be facing an iPad with macOS and obviously there would be a great conflict here. This makes having a larger screen on an iPad Pro definitely not a good idea as this would make it heavier to transport due to the increased dimensions and weight.

iPad Pro

Will Apple end up launching this renewal?

As we have said numerous times, these are mere rumors. This makes it cannot be confirmed that Apple will follow this path And if it does, it is not in the short term. According to the information from Mark Gurman, it is something that is being planned but it does not have any kind of date nor have they begun to work on it. What is clear is that they are going to have to reflect a lot on this decision. In the end what is being achieved is that the iPad Air is the team par excellence for performance and price, and the iPad Pro is in the background.

We will have to be very aware of the movements of the future that are made in this regard. But it may be something that does not materialize for the reasons we have discussed. It is possible to keep the size and enrich the team with improved software as well as a suite of programs that are similar to those of the Mac. With the arrival of the M1 chip to these iPads this is a path that can be completed.

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