Apple’s latest craze with its AirPods: measure the fever

Apple already revolutionized the headphone sector in 2016 with the arrival of its first AirPods. There were already headphones with Bluetooth, it is true, but the Californian company standardized them and despite continuing on the sales podium, it opened the way to many other brands. Will you do the same again with your next innovation in this range? We do not know, but according to what has been filtered, the AirPods could change the paradigm totally with respect to the current ones.

Apple’s plans reconfirmed

Several months ago it was said that Apple intended focus the AirPods to the field of health. All this with the incorporation of new sensors with the ability to measure pulsations or even temperature. And although it is true that at the time it was very popular, little or nothing was heard again later.

However, this week The Wall Street Journal came out with some information that put this development on the part of Apple again. According to the well-known medium, they have had access to internal company documents in which these plans are confirmed, so it does not seem that it was something specific that was raised, but from Apple they seem to be aware of not only their Apple Watch focus on these grounds, but rather pair with your headphones.

When could they officially arrive?

No overly technical details are disclosed regarding what the sensors will be like, beyond the aforementioned capabilities that they would have. However, it is possible to intuit that, in addition to passing Apple’s own tests, it can be approved by other relevant institutions that, as is already the case with the Watch, have to give their approval to health-related functions, despite the fact that officially cannot be classified as medical instruments.

This is what makes us anticipate that it won’t come in the short term. The AirPods 3 are expected before the end of the year and there are even those who point to the AirPods Pro 2 as well, but it is totally ruled out that they incorporate any of these functions because of the preliminary nature of their development. Not even for 2022 it seems to be feasible, but it is likely that by then they will have more certainty about it.

As we said a few lines above, we cannot consider that devices like these are comparable to those used in hospitals and health centers, but they can come very close. We refer to the tests in view of the amount of news that has emerged in these years about how Apple Watch has helped detect arrhythmias and have warned of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, who knows if the AirPods of tomorrow will continue down that same path.

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