Apple’s Mac computer sales drop 40%

The computer sales They are experiencing a sharp decline worldwide, according to figures considered by consultancies such as IDC. In total, in the first quarter of this year 56,900 million units have been sold, a 29% less than in the same quarter of 2022, when equipment sales began to decline after the pandemic. Normally, when a situation of this type occurs, the teams that best resist these ups and downs are those of Apple. But this time it has not been like that.

According to the consultant, the sales of Mac computers are down from 6.9 million units in the first quarter of 2022 to 4.1 million units between January and March 2023. It is a drop in sales of 40.5%, more than those registered in the same quarter by companies such as Lenovo, HP, Dell or Asus.

Of course, these results must be taken with some caution, because they are forecasts based on the available data. And Apple no longer publishes sales of its Mac computers as part of its financial results, and its sales revenue isn’t entirely in line with the sales figures reported by IDC. Of course, broadly speaking, the trend of a decline in sales marked by IDC and the one that Apple suggests is similar.

Mac revenues confirmed by Apple last September marked a 25% increase in revenue from sales of this type of equipment, compared to the sales declines that affected PC sales companies at the time. But the Apple-recognized revenue from Macs fell 29% year-over-year last quarterand it seems that those of this quarter are not going to be much better, despite having renewed several of its ranges of equipment and launched new Mac M2 and MacBook Pro.

IDC has noted that throughout 2022 demand for PCs remained higher than it was before the pandemic, despite the trend to the contrary, and having already dipped from the 2020 and 2021 highs. But the start of 2023 seems to have returned PC sales to previous patterns, which were characterized by a long, slow gradual decline. The renewal of computers before the beginning of 2020 was becoming more and more spaced, and the general public, both individuals and companies, invested more in smartphones and other devices.

The consultancy suggests that the PC sector could recover, or at least begin its comeback, towards the end of this year and in 2024, when consumers and companies begin to replace equipment purchased in the pandemic, in addition to the advance of migration to Windows 11. However, if an economic downturn hits, the slump in PC sales can be prolonged.

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