Apple’s MacBook Air 2022: This is how it could be

The MacBook Air 2022 will be presented sometime in the spring of next year, and everything seems to indicate that it will become one of the most important renovations of the well-known ultralight laptop of the apple company, both at the design and hardware level, thanks to the introduction of a series of changes that we are going to tell you about in this article.

Externally, the MacBook Air 2022 will maintain its commitment to the ultralight format, and will have a chassis made of one hundred percent recycled aluminum. However, its design will adopt reminiscences of the new generation iMac series, and also of the MacBook Pro 2021. This means that we can expect a more colorful finish, and also a top notch in the screen, where the front camera will be integrated. The cover image illustrates this description perfectly.

In terms of hardware specifications, the MacBook Air 2022 series will feature a mini-LED display, although we do not yet know its resolution or other important aspects. The keyboard will also be similar to what we have seen in the new 2021 MacBook Pro, which means that we can expect a black finish on all keys, and a scissor mechanism.

The camera should offer 1080p resolution, which will make it a more suitable option for video calls, while the port configuration will remain limited, in theory, to the classics. USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 4. We do not expect Apple to introduce HDMI output or microSD slot, although we can not rule it out completely either.

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For the rest, it is said that Apple could introduce an M2 chip that it will be designed specifically for the new 2022 MacBook Air, and that it will not be as powerful as the new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max. This means that Apple M2 will be an improved version of the M1, but that it will be focused on energy efficiency and that it will not mark such a big leap in terms of performance, since it will keep the eight-core CPU divided into two blocks, one of high-performance and high-efficiency, and will feature a 10-core GPU.

If all goes according to plan, the launch of the MacBook Air 2022 should take place before ending the spring of next year, and the sale prices should end up being similar to what we have seen in the current generation, at least in theory.

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