Apple’s museum in Poland ready to open before the end of the year

Apple Museum

Apple collections at the museum level are widespread throughout the world and in this case one of these museums dedicated to the Cupertino company would be ready to open next this fall. In this case, it is a museum located in Poland and will have about 1,500 products related to Apple, its development and history.

In this case the company behind this spectacular museum is Japko and Krzysztof Grochowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained that they really want to show their great collection to the whole world and reach the maximum number of users.

All products related to the Cupertino firm

This could be one of the largest collections in the world and is that they are shown from the first Apple computers to the most current iPhone, through the different operating systems and others. In this case, one of the iconic computers that we usually see in current auctions is added, an Apple I signed by Apple’s own co-founder Steve Wozniak.

All products are arranged in chronological order so it is undoubtedly an extraordinary visual experience for visitors. In addition, the place is really large so it allows visitors to enjoy the devices quietly. it even allows interaction in some of them, so you can use them and see how they really work.

In the corridors and throughout the museum, visitors are encouraged to look at one product or another, which is why it is more than just an exhibition. The Apple Museum Poland It will be located in the renovated Norblin Factory complex in Warsaw and is scheduled to open this fall.

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