Apple’s new MacBook Air to go into production summer 2022

As the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains, the mass production of the Apple’s new MacBook Air it clearly points to the start in the summer of next year. This means that we will not have any changes until after the summer.

Kuo says production of these new MacBook Airs is expected by the end of the second quarter or early third quarter of 2022. These new equipment are logically going to have a much more powerful processor than the one we have today, in addition to better management of energy resources, improving autonomy.

It’s a long time to see these new MacBook Air according to Kuo

The first MacBook Air model with an M1 processor was released last November 2020 so we can all think that this year the change of processor would be due at this time … According to the note published by the analyst and replicated by media such as AppleInsider, the Cupertino company will not launch a new MacBook Air until last summer of next year . Part of the problem would be a shortage of components. The problem of the components is more urgent than it seems and that is why they are going to have to dose the launches of new Macs.

Everything indicates that this year we are going to have a new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro model, so once these teams arrive, no more Apple portable models will be launched. In any case We are left wondering if we are going to see a new iMac this year with Apple processors but with a 27 or 28-inch screen as they did with the smaller iMac.

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