Apple’s online store is now closed

Waiting for the news to be presented this afternoon in Cupertino, Apple’s online store is currently closed, so it is impossible to buy any of the many products they have in their catalog.

In this sense, we can confirm that it is the step prior to the presentation and that in each of the presentation events it is an essential requirement to close the online stores around the world. In this case, the closing came around 1:15 p.m. and now until all the new products are shown once the keynote is finished we will not have the store open again.

This is normal in these cases and there is nothing that is out of the script established by Apple itself before these events. In this sense, the company leaves a time frame to add the news in the online store and once everything is ready and presented it is opened to show them to everyone.

Now we only have to wait until 7 pm to see what they are presenting to us live. The iPhone 13, the new Apple Watch Series 7 and surely the third generation AirPods are some of the products that we will see today, but it remains to be seen if we will have new iPads and even new MacBook Pro … We will discover all of this in just under 6 hours, which are what is left for this new Apple presentation to begin.

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