Apple’s vice president wants to keep his keys and wallet on his Apple Watch

Apple watch

The only good thing that the happy pandemic is leaving us is that you can already pay with an NFC credit card everywhere. In bars, bakeries, greengrocers, gas stations, even in vending machines you can pay with your Apple Watch, even if they are ridiculous amounts. This way we avoid touching the coins and bills.

If I go out through my town walking, with carrying my Apple Watch LTE I have enough to pay in any store or if I have breakfast in a bar. And if I take the car, with taking my iPhone where I have the app installed DGT With my driving license, it is enough for me. It has been a long time since my wallet left the drawer of the bedside table … Well, I’m lying: I took it to get the two doses of the vaccine.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple showcased one of the most requested features for the Wallet app: support for driver’s licenses. With iOS 15 and watchOS 8, it will already be possible. It only remains for the state administration of each country to authorize it.

Kevin LynchApple’s Vice President of Technology oversees much of the development of the Apple Watch, and recently gave an interview to Yahoo Finance. In it he talked about Apple’s smartwatch and its future support for driver’s licenses and door keys. Lynch says that soon we will go without a wallet and without keys, only with the Apple Watch.

And it’s not far fetched. That the driver’s license can be integrated into the Wallet application like any compatible Visa, it is only a matter of time. That you can open a car compatible with Car key, is already a reality.

And smart home door locks compatible with HomeKit Apple’s or Amazon’s Alexa, they also already exist on the market. So Apple has already laid the groundwork for all of this to become a reality. It only remains for third companies (public administrations and car manufacturers) to join in on these advances.

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