Apply online for a grant for each child or minor in your care

The family expenses that we have to face at this time are higher than ever. If we add to all this how difficult it is to find a stable job, all financial assistance it is to be thankful. This is precisely the case in which we want to focus below in the event that you have children or minors in your care.

The shopping basket does not stop rising, and the same happens with gasoline, mortgages and everything else that we need in our day to day. If we have a more or less stable job, this is something that becomes much more bearable than if we don’t have it. Hence precisely some of the government aid that we can use to alleviate the situation a bit. In this case we want to focus on one in particular that will be extremely useful if We have children or minors in our care and we meet these requirements.

Specifically, below we are going to talk about a benefit that we can access, and through the Internet, for each own or foster child.

Requirements to request aid for children and minors

Obviously, in order to benefit from this benefit that we are discussing, first of all, a series of requirements must be met. We are talking about a benefit that can be requested by those who have children or children in their care under 18 years affected by a disability of at least 33%. It will be equally accessible if we are in charge of an adult who has a disability of 65% or higher.

We already told you before that this is a request that we can make over the Internet just by using our favorite web browser. Something that we must also take into consideration is that, if it is accepted, the amount that we are going to receive is variable depending on the situation of each one in terms of their income. In turn, and in order to benefit from this benefit, we cannot be receiving other aid, or have an income above the 12,313 euros gross per year.

How to request this benefit for dependent minors

Well, at this point and in the event that we meet the established requirements that we have mentioned before, now we only have to run our browser on the PC. Next, it is enough that we access the website enabled by Social Security itself for this type of request. At that moment we will already have the possibility to download the corresponding form that we are going to need for this procedure.

The advantage here is that we can fill it in digitally from our computer in order to send it directly and apply much faster. Once we have entered all the data requested here and that the company itself needs Social Securitywe can already send it by simply clicking on the Send request button that we find on the same commented website.

It must also be said that we are also going to need a personal photo with the ID in hand to serve as an identification system in the event that we do not have a digital certificate. Other documents will also be requested, such as the last digitized income statement and a security code that will be sent to our email.

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