April 11: Date on which it returns to face-to-face work in Apple Park

Apple Park

For two long years we have been commenting on the moves that Apple has had to adapt to in order to solve the pandemic that has affected the entire world (and continues to affect it). Two years in which painful decisions have had to be made, but they have always been for the good of all. Not only for Apple’s own but also for others. Closed Apple Stores, telecommuting, resource issues, and supplier plant closures. Something that has happened to all in general and that many have not had the fate and Fortaleza de Apple who toured it very, very well. But the time is coming to put an end to some measures and that is why the April 11 it seems that the bulk of the employees will return to work in person.

Apple is planning a hybrid office and home work schedule in the future. The report states that Apple employees will have to work from the office at least one day a week before April 11. At least two days a week by May 2 and at least three days a week by May 23. Those three days would be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and most employees would have the option to work remotely on Wednesday and Friday.

“For many of you, I know that returning to the office represents a long-awaited milestone and a positive sign that we can more fully engage with the colleagues who play such an important role in our lives. For others, too can be a disturbing change«. This has been stated by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, in a memorandum to employees obtained by the specialized media Bloomberg.

It seems that everything is coming to an end and little by little we will recover the long-awaited normality that something so small has snatched us without preavish. Apple has always been correct with the measures it has taken regarding the pandemic and that it is considered that by the end of May everything can be something more normal than it is now, then it is a good sign. We will see if this decision does not have to be rescinded as has happened before. Let’s hope not.

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