Arc A30M PRO GPU appears as Intel’s first for mobile workstations

Intel will present next Wednesday, March 30, its new dedicated graphics for laptops. Until now we have only seen the consumer models, but it also points to the Intel Arc A30M PRO intended for mobile work machines.

When Raja Kaduri (former head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies group) took over the revamped division Core and Visual Computing Group with which Intel intended to return (20 years later) to the dedicated graphics market, announced that the objective was produce distinct models to cover the entire computational range in which the company is present, from basic laptops to workstations, going through desktop models and also accelerators for data center servers.

Therefore, the list of an Intel Arc A30M PRO that has appeared in the specifications of the laptop should not surprise us. Dell Precision 5470. It is a 14-inch mobile workstation with a 14-core Alder Lake Core i9-12900H processor. For the graphics section, Dell will offer as options the mentioned Intel GPU and also the 4 GB A1000 that NVIDIA recently presented as an entry model for professional graphics.

What will the Intel Arc A30M PRO look like?

Specifications are not known, but we assume that the chip giant will follow NVIDIA’s strategy that comparable consumer and professional cards have a very similar hardware and the differences come from the softwaredrivers, and certifications for professional publishing, architecture, or engineering applications that they are capable of running.

The consumption equivalent of this professional GPU could be the A370M. A graphics card with 4 Gbytes of dedicated VRAM memory on a 64-bit bus, which will be part of Intel’s input range. It should be noted that Intel will also market two other superior series for laptops, A500 and A700, and that they will surely have their corresponding professional versions.

The A700s will be targeted at large gaming laptops, in configurations that promise high performance with 512 execution units; 4,096 shader cores and 16 Gbytes of dedicated memory on a 256-bit bus.

On Wednesday we should have all the details in a dedicated conference that we will follow in detail to offer you all the information. It is important. As we have been saying for months, it is vital for industry and consumers to have a third major manufacturer of dedicated graphics cards that provides alternatives to NVIDIA and AMD in a time of scarcity and crazy prices.

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