‘Arcane’ will not be impacted by Netflix’s spending cuts

In response to the loss of thousands of subscribers, Netflix announced several cuts in investments, especially for the animation sector. The good news is that this cost containment will not affect the production of “Arcane“, and the The arrival of the 2nd season of the series remains confirmed.

At least that’s what the gringo portal says defect. According to the website, Riot Games has confirmed that “Arcane” – the series based on League of Legends – is “protected” from Netflix cuts due to an agreement signed between the developer and the streaming platform.

According to the information, the producer has full control over the production and its relationship with Netflix concerns only the distribution of the series. However, Riot did not confirm whether both companies would consider a new deal given the partner’s recent cost containment.

Relief for “Arcane” Fans

The news should be very well received by the community. When it came out last year, “Arcane” became the most watched Netflix series in the world for a few weeks. All of this success has garnered millions of viewers, but recent numbers (and measurements) announced by Netflix have put season two in jeopardy.

The streaming platform revealed that it lost 200,000 subscribers worldwide during the first quarter of this year. To make matters worse, about 2 million users could leave Netflix this second quarter, according to the company’s own forecasts.

As a result, the company had to make several investment cuts. But the sector most affected was precisely the animation sector, which reported layoffs of leaders and members, as well as the cancellation of works such as “Toil and Trouble”, “The Twits” and “Bone”, for example.

Streaming platform is planning several strategies to prevent further customer loss – Image: Thibault Penin/Unsplash

Soon, the maintenance of “Arcane” comes as a relief. The series was able to attract even those who were not familiar with League of Legends and the success seen in the first season indicated great audience potential for the sequel to the work.

It remains to be seen when that will happen. The second season of the series was confirmed in November 2021, but the teams in charge have not given any forecast of when it will hit the screens.

The expectation is that the new season will arrive next year, as Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, previously confirmed that this will not happen in 2022.

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