Architecture: a walk around the world with LEGO

Origin of LEGO Architecture

All this adventure begins with a fan, Adam Reed Tucker. He received his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Kansas in 1996. Instead of looking for a job in an architectural firm, Adam decided to mix his two passions: architecture and LEGO. With these two ingredients, the American founded Brickstructures, Inc.. Immediately afterwards, the entrepreneur began to design emblematic places in the world with LEGO pieces. He selected the pieces, created packs with them and packaged the set together with a perfectly detailed manual on how to build the buildings.

LEGO could have struck it down if it had wanted to. But instead, they had half a brain and they contacted him shortly after learning of his work. Finally, LEGO teamed up with Adamand formed the brand lego-architecture. Since then, this symbiosis has produced 53 sets, all designed by Adam Reed Tucker. Most of these edits are limitedand are sold while supplies last.

The best sets currently available

These are the best sets you can currently buy from LEGO Architecture organized by geographical area.


The White House #21054

white house lego architecture

You can also recreate with LEGO pieces the residence of the president of the united states, built in 1790 and designed by George Washington. The set contains 1483 pieces and promises to give hours and hours of entertainment. You will be able to recreate in detail the three wings of the buildingits interiors and its gardens.

Statue of Liberty #21042

lego architecture statue of liberty

Without leaving the United States, if you don’t have much regard for the president’s house, you can recreate the mythical Statue of Liberty. Has 1685 piecesand the mounted figure measures about 44 centimeters tall. On the LEGO website itself they recognize that it is quite a challenge for people over 16 years of age. The figure itself is impressive, as it has been simplified in a fantastic style, and with a truly spectacular finish.


Singapore #21057

singapore lego architecture

The capital of the Republic of Singapore has its own LEGO set, which recreates ‘the city of the lion’. Specifically, this kit 827 pieces It allows build the Marina Bay Sands complex along with part of Singapore financial district. If you follow Formula 1 or the UFC a bit, this impressive architecture made up of three towers will sound familiar to you. Inside is the most luxurious hotel in the countrywith more than two thousand rooms, meeting rooms and the most expensive independent casino in the world.

Taj Mahal #21056

taj mahal lego architecture

If you want to get started in LEGO Architecture, do not start with this construction and start with a somewhat simpler one. This funerary monument, declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, it was built in the 17th century by approximately 20,000 workers. This can give us an idea of ​​how complicated it can be to create a simplified version of this architecture. It has 2022 pieces, and the kit is recommended for ages 18 and up. However, it is surely necessary to be much older and wiser to muster the experience and patience to stand in front of these pieces and gather enough courage to be able to turn their thousands of bricks into a single piece.

Dubai #21052

lego architecture dubai

The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates. One of the most famous is Dubai, whose capital has the same name. The city of Dubai was built practically from scratch, over the desert and in record time. It is currently one of the cities with the most impressive buildings in the world, and is still in development. The predominant building in this model is the Burj Khalifawhich is also the tallest building in the world today. Beside him is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the famous 7 star hotel. And on the other side we have the Jumeirah Emirates Towerstwo symmetrical towers also designed with a tourist focus, since inside there is a 5-star hotel with a height of 309 meters.

Tokyo #21051

lego architecture tokyo

The japanese capital It also has its version of LEGO bricks, and compared to other sets, it is also of the simple group. According to LEGO, its audience is older than 16 years, and it is ideal both for those who have good memories of this city and for those who dream of being able to visit it one day. Their 547 pieces allow to recreate some of the most emblematic buildings of the capital. Among them stand out the tower tokyo sky treeone of the tallest buildings in the world, next to the Mode Gakuen Cocoon towerwhich is the second tallest educational building on the planet and the tokyo tower. In between, without occupying much prominence, is the Tokyo Big Sight, also known as Tokyo International Exhibition Center. But the set does not stop there. We will also have the mythical shibuya crossingthe chidorigafuchi parkwith its cherry blossoms, a classic pagoda tower and many details that finish off this compact city recreated with LEGO bricks.


Paris #21044

lego architecture paris

This kit is one of the simplest what are you going to find Their 649 pieces are more than enough to recreate the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumphthe Elysian Fieldsthe Montparnasse Towerthe Grand Palais and the Louvre Museumas well as its adjoining areas. The skyline it is designed in proportion to the original architecture. According to LEGO, this set is suitable for over 12 years old.

Trafalgar Square #21045

trafalgar square lego architecture

If you miss the streets and squares of London, surely this Trafalgar Square miniature is designed for you, even if it was built in commemoration of the beating our ancestors received in October 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Putting the war aside, this plaza is a england capital icon. It is not only the place where most tourists gather in the entire city, but also an iconic point where the English people demonstrate in favor of their rights. The kit is designed so that it can be built by anyone over twelve years old. It is one of the most impressive sets under this LEGO series.

Are there any sets from Madrid or Barcelona?

Currently LEGO still does not give us the pleasure of being able to build the Puerta del Sol, the Cibeles Fountain, the Sagrada Familia or La Pedrera with its blocks. Well, at least officially, Clear. Many designers have let their imagination run wild and have created their own buildings with bricks in honor of these outstanding Spanish cities.

It seems unbelievable that after so many years and with the relevance that these cities have at an international level from the tourist and cultural point of view, the company has still not launched a set that allows many to recreate some of their favorite monuments or buildings of Spanish architecture. . Hopefully at some point we can update this article celebrating that this conspicuous absence is finally a thing of the past.

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