Arctic X1 3D, review: an all-terrain articulated monitor arm

That said, the Arctic X1 3D is compatible with monitors from up to 10 kg of weight and up to 40 inches diagonally for standard widescreen monitors and up to 43 inches for ultrawidescreen monitors. The arm has an elevator through adjustable gas piston, allowing us to comfortably raise and lower the screen without any effort (since the effort is made by the piston). In addition to that, we can literally move the screen to any position thanks to its 360 degree rotation and its 180 degree tilt (which, since it is up and down, we have 360 ​​degrees too).

Arctic X1 3D positions

Finally, it should be noted that Arctic has provided a total cable management system, which will allow us to hide the cables throughout the arm in a comfortable way and without having to go around doing fancy stuff.

Arctic X1 3D positions

Unboxing and external analysis

Arctic has packed its X1 3D in a black and white hard cardboard box, as is customary for this manufacturer. In the outer area we have an image of the product accompanied by a summary of its compatibility for the front face, leaving its technical specifications for the back. There we also have a QR that will take us to the brand’s technical support website, and it is complemented by another QR that we find on the side and that will take us to the online manual, including an installation video.

We open the box and find the product protected by partitions of hard cardboard and neutral color, and it is surprising that as soon as we open the box we have an assembly instruction manual in physical format despite the fact that, as usual, the manufacturers put a simple QR that takes us to their website for it.

Arctic X1 3D packaging

Here are the contents of the box: The arm itself is divided into two sections, which are the table mount and the arm. We also have a variety of accessories, such as velcro straps, a plastic channel, hardware, and three sizes of Allen keys to adjust the arm.

Arctic X1 3D

Let’s start by looking at the anchor to the table. As you can see, it is black and has rubber protections both on the upper part (the one that will touch the table from above) and on the lower part (the one that will touch it from below). The anchoring method is simply by pressure, making a thread by hand.

Arctic X1 3D

Here you can see that the pressure surface below is quite generous, and that will help not all the weight of the arm and monitor assembly to press on the same point. In addition, the anchor is rubberized to protect the integrity of the table.

Arctic X1 3D

The upper area consists of a simple short bar, in which we must insert the other part of the arm. This anchoring between the two pieces is done simply by pressure, it is not necessary to screw anything.

Arctic X1 3D

Now let’s see the mobile arm, which actually consists of three mobile parts that are what make the game that allows you to move the screen in any position.

Arctic X1 3D

Of course, the product has quality details such as the serigraphy of the brand logo.

Arctic X1 3D

As we mentioned before, the entire arm has channels through which you can insert the cables and thus hide them and prevent them from hanging, in addition to having a remnant so that nothing is damaged or disconnected when you move the arm with the monitor connected.

In the arm itself we have some screws that will allow us to adjust the hardness of the elevation. Initially, the arm is “configured” for quite heavy monitors, and as we will see later we have used a 24″ monitor and about 6 Kg, so we had to adjust it because, otherwise, the gas piston always pulled to up and we placed the screen in the highest position. It is imperative that, once the monitor is installed, we adjust this screw to adapt the gas pressure to the weight and that the monitor always remains fixed at the height at which we place it.

Arctic X1 3D

Here we have the anchor point of the arm to the monitor, which, as you can see, has two sets of holes for the VESA 75 and VESA 100 anchor types. We can also see a ball joint in the center that will allow us to easily tilt and rotate the monitor.

Arctic X1 3D

In addition to this ball joint, on the back the arm also has another axis that allows us to rotate the position of the screen as we want, thanks to which the possibility of placing it in the position we want at 360 degrees is completed.

Having seen the device, we are going to proceed to mount a monitor on it and place it on a table to see how the assembly is.


The first step is to mount the base on the table, and for this we simply have to open the screw so that the bit is thick enough, insert it into the edge of the table in the desired position and then tighten.

Once this piece is already fixed to the table, we go to the other part of the arm and what we must do is anchor it to the monitor. Logically, first of all you will have to disassemble the base of your monitor and have access to its VESA anchor; In our case, we are using a 24-inch monitor from Newskill that has a VESA 75 mount, so we lay out the part to match the holes.

Arctic X1 3D

Once this is done, we place the screws (but we recommend not tightening them completely until all 4 are in place, so that we have some slack to make the four coincide perfectly) and it will be fixed.

Once we have the arm fixed to the monitor, all that remains is to join the two parts and insert the arm into the support that we previously placed on the table. This, as we said before, is done simply by placing it on top and pressing down a bit, since gravity will do the rest of the work.

Arctic X1 3D

With this we already have it mounted; As you can see, there are simply three steps as a summary:

  • Anchor the base to the table.
  • Anchor the arm to the monitor.
  • Mount the arm on the bracket.

After this, logically we will have to connect the monitor and route the cables.

Testing the Arctic X1 3D

As you have seen, mounting the Arctic X1 3D is extremely simple, and even a user who has never assembled a monitor arm can do it effortlessly in a few minutes. And it is that really Arctic demonstrates its great experience in this field, where they have already mastered not only the quality and robustness of the components necessary to support the weight of a monitor and provide it with the maximum possible ergonomics, but have also simplified both its assembly that anyone could easily do.

Arctic X1 3D

The operation of the Arctic X1 3D arm is extremely simple, and initially the only difficulty that we will find is that we will have to try to adjust the screw that we mentioned before to adjust it to the weight of the monitor, so that we can place the screen in the desired position. without the gas piston raising it to the top. This, in any case, only has to be done the first time and then we can forget about it.

Arctic X1 3D

We can say little about this mobile arm for monitors, since, as we mentioned from the beginning, it allows us to place the screen in any position we want, both in height and in rotation, inclination or distance from the user.

In this regard, we consider that the ergonomics of this mobile arm is simply perfect and, as we have said before, we can add little in this regard.

Conclusion and verdict

With the X1 3D, we think Arctic has created the perfect monitor arm: it’s extremely robust, it has installation that couldn’t be easier, and it gives us undeniable ergonomics, making it ideal for all intents and purposes. Also, let’s remember that its recommended retail price is just €63.99 in the manufacturer’s online store, although at the time of writing this review it has a 20% discount and you could buy it for just €51.19.

Arctic X1 3D

We must highlight the use of a gas piston to support the weight of the monitor and make it easier for the user to effortlessly raise and lower the screen, and although the use of a piston may concern some users due to its durability, we must remember that Arctic provides This product comes with a six-year warranty, which is no mean feat.

Some of you may wonder if it’s so good, why don’t we give it a perfect grade? Well, because although it is the best of the best, everything can always be improved: for example, we would love it if it could be placed completely vertically, or if the adjustment of the piston force was with a manual crank instead of having to use a Allen wrench.

All in all, we think this is the best monitor arm on the market, and we can’t help but give it our Platinum award, as well as our recommendation for its performance and, moreover, its incredible value for money.

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