Are Belkin chargers better than Apple chargers?

The Belkin brand has products of all kinds to make your life much easier. Among them stand out chargers, both wireless and cable are a very good option to replace the originals. They are MFi certified and Apple sells them on its official website, which means that it really is a quality mark for Apple products.

One of Belkin’s main advantages over Apple is price. They are much cheaper than the original ones, which makes more and more users decide to try them. As we have said before, they have the approval of the company, which means that your device will not suffer any type of damage or problem with its products, that is, you can be completely calm regarding the quality of these products. .

In addition to chargers, Belkin offers a large number of products and accessories of all kinds for your Apple devices, so if you are looking to get more out of your iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you go to their website, where you can find what you need .

Which ones are really the best?

If we look at the wireless chargers, those of Belkin offer more possibilities than those of Apple. They have many more options where you can mix and match chargers for one product or multiple at once, so if you prefer to charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone at the same time, Belkin chargers can be a very good alternative.

Regarding the cable chargers, It must be remembered that for a few years Apple has not included a power adapter in its boxes and has gone from USB to USB-C, so not just any adapter will work. For this reason, you will have to either buy an adapter or a USB cable. In these cases, it is always better to opt for the original Apple ones, which, although their price is more expensive, guarantee that you will not have problems with charging or with the quality of the product.


After this brief comparison, we come to the conclusion that Belkin wireless chargers offer many more possibilities than those of Apple, but nevertheless, in the cable chargers that are more common, it is more memorable to use the original ones. Although in this aspect, Belkin also has very good options and qualities, the North American brand recommends on its website the use of only official products. It is true that the MFi certification is a very good guarantee, since the company itself guarantees quality. If you have just bought a device, it is preferable that you use the original cables for the first year or year and a half. In this way you will take care of the battery, making it last longer and be better preserved

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