Are GTA V, Red Dead or Mafia video game mods illegal?

The mod they are almost as old as the video games themselves since they landed on the old IBM or compatible computers. Just have to look back and remember that version “Chiquito de la Calzada” of doom to realize and that this practice of modifying an original game is a tradition, although some companies do not like it and want to veto them using their always unpunished economic power to an infinite cohort of lawyers.

Take-Two doesn’t like mods

The fact is that in recent days the company owned by Rockstar has been in the news for the DMCA (Digital Age Copyright Act enacted in the US in 1996) that wants to apply against LukeRoss and his REAL work around the development of mods for games like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2 either Mafia Ultimate Edition (either Cyberpunk 2077as you can see from one of its official videos) and that allow you to play it in a virtual reality mode that is not officially available.

Through this DMCA, what Take-Two is asking is that the author of that content remove it under the excuse of skipping an act that, basically, pursues “not only the infringement of reproduction rights itself, but also the production and distribution of technologies that allow bypassing copyright protection measures. And in the opinion of the Americans, LukeRoss does it with his mods.

The result is that at first, the author of those VR works for Take-Two games agreed to remove them until it became clear what was the legal basis that the company had to force him to resign from his job, which, it must be said, monetizes through a Patreon that he has active and where he publishes everything he does.

Also, this Take-Two DMCA is curious because he has only noticed the virtual reality mods of his games, which are paid, and has left out the free ones, which is why all kinds of suspicions have appeared about this movement: do Rockstar prepare VR versions of their games and do not want there to be unofficial alternatives?

Are mods legal?

on paper mods are legal (or live illegally, which does not mean illegality) as long as they do not affect the integrity of the digital product to which they are directed or with them infringe copyright or remove the DRM intended to protect it. In the case of LukeRoss, his work did not cause any of these assumptions, so he should not worry… until the economic and intimidating power of a company that believes otherwise, even if the facts do not support it, enters the scene.

And that is precisely what has happened. In the first moment LukeRoss pulled those VR mods but now, a few days later, he’s asking for help to the community to start a small battle against what it believes (and is) an injustice that can only be sustained by resorting to intimidation and fear produced by a giant who can afford to spend what he needs to crush whoever gets in front of him .

Of course, Take-Two with measures like this, does not exactly win the love of gamers. Don’t you think?

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