Are my iPhone notes always saved to iCloud?

The iPhone notes application has a simple operation (if we compare it with other apps), but that it fulfills its function and is really useful for many of us. Now, where are the notes we create with the iPhone stored? Is it possible to select where we want them to be saved? And if we want to recover them? Here we answer all these questions and more.

Where are iPhone notes stored?

When we create a note on our iPhone we have access to it, even if we don’t have an internet connection. Although the notes are saved in the local memory of the device, so that we can consult them, they are not “really there”. That is to say, that, although we see them, their linked storage space is not the iPhone, but rather it is an email account. At least that’s the way it is by default.

When we want to transfer all the content from our iPhone to a new one, one of the most used methods is to copy files to iCloud. But so is having accounts synced to certain apps. In the case of the iPhone, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Notes can be associated with one (or several) email accounts, whether they are Google, Outlook or the provider we have, if you allow this option.

However, our iCloud account, being linked to our iPhone, also allows us to save and synchronize all our notes so that they can be seen on other devices where we have this function enabled. And by default, the iPhone usually stores the notes that we have created in the iCloud storage space, even if we only have the 5GB of the free plan.

How to delete iCloud notes and other mail

delete icloud notes

To make this adjustment we must go to Settings> Notes. The first section that interests us is Accounts. If we click here we will see all the ones that we have associated with the application. To remove or unlink our iCloud ID from the Notes application, we have to go to iCloud > iCloud > Show All > Notes. In this last menu we will see a button called Synchronize with this iPhone. If we press it, iCloud will be completely unlinked.

icloud account notes iphone

There is also the option to change the default account. In this case, we are not going to unlink our iCloud ID from the Notes app, but we are going to tell the iPhone where we want these to be saved by default. For this we will go to Settings > Notes > Default account. Here we can select the account we want, which by default is usually iCloud. We also have the “iPhone” Account option, which allows us to always save our notes in the iPhone’s memory and prevent them from being synchronized with any other service. In addition to the options that we have shown you, there is a section that may interest you. In this case, it is the Accounts menu, with which we can unlink and delete other email accounts (other than iCloud), to prevent notes from being stored and synchronized in other services.

For this option you have to go to Settings > Notes > Accounts. Here we will see a list with all the accounts that we have active. Click on the one we want and a menu will open, in which we will have to press the Notes switch to stop the linking, and that these are stored on that server.

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