Are our passwords safe? Create them with these programs

If we are concerned about Internet security, it means that we understand the importance of having a secure password with which to be able to safeguard our privacy on the Internet. Creating a password that is difficult to decipher is a must to avoid attack by cybercriminals.

Practices for making strong passwords

When entrusting the security of our password to a security tool, it must meet a series of requirements. Although it seems obvious, a reliable validation software should never be able to store our passwords under any circumstances, since it should only be in charge of processing our passwords in the browser. Likewise, when creating our passwords, you must give us all the possibilities so that our key is not easily decipherable.

Password security verification tools and should incorporate educational tools, as they provide tips to help us understand what we need to improve our passwords. That is why we must use these programs to demonstrate why the most typical and simple passwords are not enough to guarantee our security. In addition, these programs will help us create our own passwords so that we are calm every time we use them.

At the time of create our own password the best guidelines that we must take into account are the following:

  • 16 characters or more per password.
  • Use a combination of letters, numbers and characters for our password.
  • Each password must be unique and not shared with any other account.
  • We must not include personal information (address, telephone, etc.) in the password.
  • It is not recommended that a password has consecutive letters or numbers.
  • The password must not contain the word password or the same repeated letter or number.

Programs to create strong passwords

Next, we are going to see a series of programs specially developed to manage our passwords and help us, if necessary, to create passwords that are difficult to decipher by computer thieves, so that we can feel safe while browsing the Internet. In addition, they have a function to check if our passwords are secure.

NordPass, one of the most popular programs

It is one of the most popular password creation and verification programs available today. It is an application built by the NordVPN managers themselves, through which we will be able to manage our passwords. In this way, it not only allows us to verify the status of our password, but it will also take care of helping us create more secure passwords, as well as safely store our credit cards.

The application recognizes our favorite websites and automatically fills in our login credentials. It has a free version that will allow us to save unlimited passwords, save notes and credit cards, generate unique passwords and protect our passwords with AMF. It also has an online password security checker.

We can access and download NordPass from here.

LastPass, create passwords and check how secure they are

We are now talking about one of the best known and most used password managers in the world. Using it we will be able to save all our personal passwords, without limit of entries and protected by a single master key. We can also add other elements such as personal notes, complete contacts from a calendar or cards and bank accounts.


This application also has an online password verifier that will tell us how secure our password is. Once we enter it, a panel will appear in red, yellow or green depending on the degree of security, informing us if it complies with the minimums to consider it safe and actions that we can carry out to improve its security. What it does not tell us is whether it has appeared in the database of leaked passwords in the past.

We can access and download LastPass from its website.

PasswordGenerator, generates long and secure passwords

We are talking about a program that will allow us to generate strong and very secure passwords of any length. We will decide if our password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or special characters. It has full compatibility with Unicode, so we can use it as a character for our password. All the passwords that we create since the program started can be recovered from its history, so we will never lose any.


In addition to creating passwords through its graphical user interface, we can control the application in batch mode through a command line, as well as use scripts. It is compatible with Windows and Linux and is portable, so it does not require any type of installation.

Download PasswordGenerator for free from its website.

RandPass, create keys up to 1000 characters

It is a key manager that will allow us to create long passwords of up to 1000 characters, ensuring that each symbol we add makes our password more secure. It also allows us to generate passwords en bloc, in case we need to generate several keys at the same time. Another cool feature is the ability to find duplicate passwords. This is something that will be especially useful to us, since it is not recommended to have a single password for more than one service.


Using this application is very simple and is suitable for all types of users. We just have to open it and mark the different options that may interest us, whether they are letters, characters or numbers. In addition, we can mark some options such as that the password is marked by dashes.

To try RandPass, just download the free program from here.

Websites to verify password security

If we do not want to install any software on our computer, we can also use different web applications that will be responsible for informing us of the quality and security of our passwords.

Karpersky Password Checker, measure the security level of your passwords

Kaspersky Password Checker is a tool created by one of the most popular and reputable Internet security companies, with special expertise in cybercrime. This tool has a fairly basic and simple use, such as measuring the security level of our password.

Karpersky Password Checker

To use it, it will only be necessary to enter our password and the meter will turn red, green or yellow depending on its security. Below we will see a comment box indicating if the password is secure, if it can be easily cracked, if it has appeared in the database of leaked passwords, etc.

We can use Karkpersky Password Checker for free by clicking on this link.

UIC Password Strength Test, get detailed information about the security of your keys

We now turn to a password checker created by the University of Illinois at Chicago that will be in charge of giving us detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of our passwords. The application will be in charge of analyzing the security of the passwords and providing us with visual information immediately.

UIC Password Strength Test

This tool highlights repeated characters, consecutive letters, sequential symbols and factors that we cannot find in other similar applications. It also highlights the complexity of a given password and gives or reduces points according to the length of the password and the variety of characters that we have used, giving us a score from 0 to 100 at the end. Its main drawback is that it is in English.

We can access UIC Password Strength Test from here.

Gosafeonline Password Checker, verify the degree of security of your password

It is a very simple online tool that will help us verify the security of our passwords. The moment we enter the password, it quickly tells us how long it takes a hacker to decrypt it. It also offers us the possibility of knowing how we can improve the quality of our password by indicating parameters such as the length of the password, combination of numbers and letters, as well as special characters.

Gosafeonline Password Checker

If we want to test Gosafeonline services we can do it from its website.

My1Login Password Checker, online security meter

This application is responsible for using a variety of techniques to check how secure passwords are. For this, it is responsible for using common password dictionaries, regular dictionaries, dictionaries of names and surnames, among others. It also performs substitution for these common words and names, replacing letters with numbers and symbols. This substitution is very common among people who think they are strengthening passwords, which is why hackers are among the first things they do to crack passwords.

My1Login Password Checker

This password strength meter checks for character sequences being used like 12345 or 67890, it even checks the proximity of keyboard characters like gwert and asdf. It also offers tips for more secure passwords. Its main drawback is that it is in English.

We can access My1Login Password Checker from this link.

What program to create strong passwords to use?

As we can see, we have different options to create our passwords safely, as well as others to check the degree of security they achieve to help us improve them and make them the most difficult for hackers to decipher. As they are free programs, we always have the possibility of downloading and testing them to see first-hand which one we feel most comfortable with when using them. From among them NordPass It is one of the most recommended options since not only will it help us to create passwords as secure as possible, but it also offers us the possibility of analyzing our passwords that we already have to check if they are really safe and what we can do to improve them.

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