Are Team Liquid PCs a good buy for gaming?

The normal thing would be to think that people who compete in eSports must have the necessary hardware knowledge to assemble their equipment when competing. The reality is that in this type of competition everyone faces each other on equal terms, the PCs that the creators of the events assemble are totally symmetrical.

However, this does not mean that there are no Team Liquid PCs, since through an agreement with Dell, the latter provides them with equipment that they can use at their headquarters, located in the Netherlands. All the equipment and its environment are located in a facility in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Alienware PC Team Liquid

It is, therefore, a brilliant market-level move by Dell, by associating its gaming brand with a successful eSports team, they end up creating the idea in the minds of their potential consumers that Alienware-branded pre-built PCs they are the best option. However, it is best to break some myths.

Are Team Liquid branded PCs any good?

PC Team Liquid Alienware

Many times we have bought products with a famous brand and we have found a relationship between quality and price that is disastrous. The fact of placing a famous brand on a product is a way to generate an image of quality. After all, nobody is going to harm their brand with a poor quality product, right?

Experience tells us that this is not always the case and in the case we are talking about. In the case of Team Liquid branded PC we find that unfortunately they are the Dell Alienware. Which in recent years have had a series of nefarious designs that make them a very bad option due to their premium price for their exclusive industrial design. Which to top it off does not give an important advantage in terms of consumption and temperature, but rather the opposite.

A box must not only be beautiful, but also functional. We must not forget that in a gaming PC it is essential that temperature and consumption are well thought out in the form of a rquality cooling and power supply in both cases. They are two components that users usually ignore when buying a new computer, without taking into account the consequences derived from it. One would expect that when it came to assembling their Team Liquid-branded gaming PCs, Alienware would not only have eye-pleasing designs, but also come with competitive specs.

What is the alternative?

Alienware 3D Printer Case

Well, neither more nor less than making a don Palomo PC, that is, that you assemble it yourself taking into account the cooling and the power supply as differential points and maintaining the rest of the common specifications. So if you like a Team Liquid-branded Alienware PC, then consider building one with the same configuration, but with components purchased separately.

Of course, the problem is accentuated if we take into account that today a pre-built PC is the cheapest way to get a graphics card. Our advice? If you can put up with your current computer, do it a little longer, since the current price increase is unsustainable for the market.

And in the event that you are looking for them by design, we recommend you to make or borrow a printer to print the box in 3D, with the pertinent modifications in the design so that it adapts to the components of your PC, but that it comes close possible to the design of an Alienware. Of course, use the ABS type as the filament. This way you will have a PC that will look like an Alienware, but without its associated limitations. Of course, we recommend you modify an existing tower that you know is good as a base.

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