Are there paid operating systems for the Raspberry Pi?

In this way we will have a computer that hardly takes up space and that we can fully customize with the hardware components that we want. In addition to all this, much of the versatility that it presents us is due to the enormous number of systems and software that we can install here. In fact, one of the first and most important decisions we have to make is to decide the OS that we want to use on the Raspberry Pi. To a large extent, all this will depend on the type of use that we are going to make of the mini PC.

We have at our fingertips software with these characteristics focused on multimedia playback, downloading Torrent files, to act as a file server, etc. In addition, much of this software that we can find and download to base the Raspberry Pi on is free. It is worth knowing that most users prefer to use a Linux distribution or any of its variants to install on these computers. In the same way, it is worth knowing that we have the possibility of installing special versions of Windows or even Android.

At the same time, at this point many may be wondering about the possibility of installing and use a paid operating system here. Precisely all of this that we are going to talk about next and we are going to show you some of the most interesting proposals of this type.

Paid operating systems for Raspberry Pi

In the event that we want to have a somewhat more specific payment operating system to use on our Raspberry Pi, these are some of the most interesting payment proposals that we can download and install.


  • RaspEX: First of all, we are talking about an operating system for Raspberry Pi that costs 15 dollars. We tell you what is based Ubuntu 20.04LTS and by default includes OpenCPN 5.2.4. It is specially designed for Raspberry Pi 4, but can on earlier versions of the board. Likewise, we tell you that this system offers us a good number of applications and tools focused on navigation.
  • RaspAnd: for a cost of 9 dollars we find this other interesting alternative in the form of a payment system for Raspberry Pi. RaspAnd has also been updated to fit the Raspberry Pi 4 and comes with a multitude of pre-installed applications. Among these we find many of the Google Play Store such as Netflix, Spotify, Clash of Clans, etc Of course, before using the search giant’s store, we will have to register the mini PC.
  • Linux OS Pro: This is another payment system for Raspberry Pi somewhat more expensive than those mentioned above. It is priced at $79 and we can use it both on these boards and on a conventional PC. It is worth knowing that it is based on Ubuntu and for its installation we need a total of 8 free gigabytes. It includes a large number of applications among which we can highlight Linutop Kiosk player Software, Firefox, Libre OfficeVLC, a VNC client, and more.

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