Are Willyrex NFTs Becoming Scam?

Just over a month ago, WillyRex finally launched its new NFTs business. He had tried it at the beginning of the year, and canceled the project when he saw that half the world was on him. Today, we know that postponing the launch has been of no use, and that is that the youtuber does not stop being criticized for his new project. His last move has been to start buy your own NFTs, and things begin to get ugly, because there are already many who have not only begun to cancel it, but also refer to it directly with the qualifier of scammer.

Add it up and go on: the controversy of WillyRex and the NFTs takes a long time

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Less than a month ago we published in this same medium the new WillyRex business. A release in a series of artistic NFT products distributed by Mito Gallery (, a marketplace located on the Polygon blockchain.

At that time, many users accused him of being a scammer, especially youtubers like the controversial Dalas Review, which already kicked off in March, and took advantage of the official launch to continue adding fuel to the fire. With a little more tact, the youtuber BaityBait He uploaded a video in which he explained point by point why according to his point of view, NFTs were a scam and not at all “the future of video games.” He did not do this with the intention of attacking Willy directly, but it did serve to some extent to open their eyes to many users.

For our part, we were very cautious at that time. We said that WillyRex he had the wrong audience and that it had misused its influence to sell its NFT products. We also highlight its communication crisis, and today, almost a month later, we can confirm that we were not wrong at that time, since his credibility goes downhill and without brakes.

WillyRex “takes advantage of the bug” and buys his own NFTs

The controversial phenomenon of WillyRex and the NFTs this week has occurred when the Madrilenian has begun to publish tweets announcing the purchases of your own NFTs. According to him, at a bargain price. And this practice has a very dark history. Auto-purchases are usually a key factor in fraud, as they basically serve to inflate prices. The practice has been around for years in the art market (especially in the area of ​​controversial modern art) and is present in almost every speculation maneuvers that end in pufo.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of the “self-purchase” was already something that BaityBait announced in its video a month ago. The boy is controversially incorrect, but we are still going to leave you the video, because we consider that it explains the current NFT panorama very well. In his case, from the point of view of video games.

What should WillyRex do?

Already at the time we said that it made no sense that a person like WillyRex, with millions of followers and a determined life, had the need to scam your audience of minors. A month later, his credibility is even more in question. More and more users are taking the colors out of it and the content creator is more and more on the ropes every day.

But nevertheless, seems to be unconvinced that he is scamming anyone. And it is that there is a remote possibility that he firmly believes in your project. Now, if you allow me, I am going to make a final paragraph and the recommendation that I, Daniel Marín (editor of these lines and graduated in Advertising and Public Relations), would give WillyRex. And it is none other than to be put in the hands of a Communication and Public Relations office.

If Guillermo Díaz really thinks that his business is legal and can sleep peacefully at night with a calm mind, then should be put in the hands of a team of communication experts to help you identify where you are going wrong and how you can channel this crisis. Otherwise, your business may end up taking you to court.

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