Are you a Dragon Ball fan? Download these backgrounds and themes for Windows

Despite all the elements that Windows allows us to change and customize, among the most common that most of us modify, we find the desktop wallpaper. It is true that Microsoft offers us some high-quality images so that we can establish in this section. However, in most cases we prefer to add a photo that evokes something we like. Here we usually set a photo of our familycouple, friends, holidays or pet, for example.

It is for all this that we are going to offer you a series of backgrounds and themes from an anime series that most of you already know and many of you will be fans. Specifically, we refer to Dragon Ball, TV series and comics who has followers spread all over the globe. In this way, it is possible that we are interested in customizing our Windows desktop with a theme or background of this theme. First of all, we must be clear that when we talk about a theme, it is actually a series of background images for the desktop that will be exchanged based on our established programming.

Dragon Ball wallpapers to decorate Windows

But we can also use still images in the form of money in order to give a much more original touch to our team’s desktop. Let’s see some samples that you can use to install on Windows completely free of charge.

First of all, we can decorate our desk with this background in which we find several of the protagonists of the series fighting each other.

On the other hand, we can also opt for this close-up of the protagonist of the series, Son Goku, which will give a spectacular appearance to the system desktop.

son goku

But not everyone is a follower of protagonist of the seriesso this background focused on his son, Son Gohan, may become the favorite of many Dragon Ball lovers.

they are gohan

The best themes for your desktop

We have told you before what the issues that can be part of your operating system really are, windows. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your computer, you can program how often the funds that are part of it will change. That is why we are going to show you some elements of this type that are also focused on this anime theme.

Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Theme: here we find an excellent theme focused on Dragon Ball Z that we can download for free and that is made up of a total of 22 high-definition backgrounds.

Dragon Ball Super: continuing with the same saga, here we can download this other theme of the series that also offers us a total of 22 images of it to decorate the Windows desktop.

Dragon Ball Super Theme: finally, in this case you can download and install this theme on Windows with 15 backgrounds that you will surely love.

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