Are you already using these new iOS 15 features on the iPhone?

The TOP 3 of the best features of iOS 15

We start talking about the functionality of Live Text. This basically allows the text of an image to be interpreted as if it were a text document. That is, you can take a picture of a poster or a sheet of paper and select the text from your mobile to paste it wherever you want: in a search engine, in a chat in a messaging app, in an editing app to format it … Of course, the downside of this feature is that it is only available on iPhone XS and later, including the XR. This is because it is managed thanks to the Neural Engine that previous generation phones do not have.

On the other hand, despite being very controversial in its beginnings, it seems that the safari changes they have also conquered a good part of the public. Details like moving the search bar down have made everything more within reach and especially on large iPhones like the ‘Plus’ and ‘Max’. Also being able to navigate between tabs by sliding is something very noteworthy and although the general public is not aware, with iOS 15 you also get more private and secure browsing, something of tremendous importance in these times. And all this without forgetting the possibility of including extensions in the browser as if it were the desktop version.

The third and last feature of iOS 15 that closes this ranking of favorites is, or rather are, the Concentration Modes. Apple has maximized its Do Not Disturb mode, allowing it to create different sceneries in relation to notifications and even applications, since depending on the chosen modality you can even have different screens of apps and widgets. Being able to choose exclusive modes for work, study, leisure and rest has been a true revolution for those who live glued to the iPhone.

concentration mode ios 15
And there are still some pending news

Although the highlights have already been released with iOS 15.0 or, failing that, with iOS 15.1, in the end there are some functionalities already announced that are still not ready. It is the case of app privacy report, something that may not attract so much attention, but that continues to give the user all the power when choosing apps that do not imply the loss of privacy. In this same area, the functions of browsing with iCloud Private Relay they are also pending.

These two functions will arrive with iOS 15.2, a version that is already in beta and that could officially arrive in the next few weeks. However, each year we have attended some intermediate version of the iOS on duty that has incorporated some really remarkable novelty and that was not announced along with the rest. Therefore, who knows if Apple will be keeping an ace up its sleeve with this iOS 15 and this ranking of favorite functions may vary. If you want not to miss it if it happens, you already know that in La Manzana Mordida we will be attentive to everything to tell you.

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