Are you concerned about the environment? Well these headphones are for you

The computer industry is beginning to improve its environmental awareness. There are many brands that are reducing the use of plastics in packaging. Also, they manufacture higher quality products to reduce, as much as possible, electronic waste.

Some manufacturers go a little further and launch quality products with recycled materials. They take advantage of the large amount of existing plastic waste that can have a new life in another product.

This is what the new GXT 490 FAYZO 7.1 headphones are like

One of the most important components when playing are the headphones. These allow us to listen to our surroundings and be able to detect if an enemy is approaching. Seeking to offer a high quality product, Trust has presented its new headphones with virtual surround sound.

The new ones Trust GXT 490 FAYZO 7.1 They are mainly characterized by offering virtual 7.1 surround sound. What this feature allows us to do is better detect where our rival is approaching.

These headphones have a structure of plastic that in a 85% Is from origin recycling. They have a rotating circumaural design, which adapts perfectly to our head. Internally these have high quality 50mm neodymium speakers.

trust GXT 490 FAYZO 7.1 gaming headphones

These speakers have a response range of 20 Hz up to 20 kHz, which is the typical frequency range. In addition, it offers the possibility of creating personalized equalization profiles as we want. It includes a button on the headphones to mute the microphone and a wheel to regulate the volume.

Now let’s go to the microphone, which also has some interesting aspects. The microphone is flexible, to better adapt to each user and has noise cancellation technology. Additionally, the microphone can be easily removed for use anywhere. They also have RGB lightingwhich we can customize to taste, as well as the audio profiles, using software.

It has a 2-meter USB-A cable that offers the user a lot of mobility. It would be better if they were wireless, but of course, they would be substantially more expensive.

trust GXT 490 FAYZO 7.1

Surround sound for gamers

The points that stand out the most about these new GXT 490 FAYZO 7.1 are the surround sound and that they are made of recycled plastic. These are the two greatest strengths of these headphones, as well as the possibility of removing the microphone. We can buy them now for 49.90 euros, which is not a bad price at all considering the characteristics.

You may be looking for something simpler, since you have as an alternative the Trust GXT 489 FAYZO without surround sound, but with the rest of the features. This alternative has a price of 39.90 euros, somewhat cheaper than the previous model. Both options are great because they are mostly made of recycled plastic.

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