Are you delinquent and do not know it? So you find out and get off the blacklist

The current economy It is not one of the most pleasant topics that we can talk about, more than anything because of the precarious situation that many live. The reasons for all this are very varied, something that not only extends to our country. Hence, many people are included in the list of defaulters without knowing it.

In these moments there are many citizens of our country who wonder if for some reason they are in this delinquent list. We must bear in mind that, if we are included in it, we may encounter some problems when applying for credits and carrying out other banking procedures. Hence before ask for a loan, buy a car either apply for a mortgagemany want to know if they are really included in that list.

It is precisely for this reason that below we are going to show you how to find out this information directly from your computer. At the same time we are going to show you how you can get out, if so, of ASNEF. First of all, it is important to know that when we refer to this organism we speak of the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. At this point it is important to know that when we apply for a loan, the banking entities check if the applicant is on the list of defaulters.

How do I know if I am on the delinquent list?

This is something that is carried out through the database, known as the delinquent list, belonging to the aforementioned ASNEF. Here are included legal and natural persons that at that time have an outstanding debt with some type of entity. Therefore, they are accused of non-compliance with monetary obligations, and thus it is difficult for them to grant us new credits.

Well, in the event that we find ourselves faced with this doubt, the first thing we do to find out if we are on that blacklist is by accessing this website. Here we find a consumer service telephone number, and at the same time we find a form to check if we are on that list. Once we have filled in the data requested in it, on the website itself they provide us with the postal address or email to which we must redirect this form filled in. Along with it we should also include a copy on both sides of the ID or of driving license.

consult delinquent list

From that moment on, within a maximum period of one month, we will receive the response we are looking for from the ASNEF.

So I can get off the ASNEF list

In the event that we see that we are on said list, something that most do not like, we also have the possibility of requesting to be removed from it electronically. To do this at first we only have to access it Web page that we indicated previously. But in this case we are going to look for the link called Agile exit files to again access another form and request this exit.

Here it is advisable to attach, together with the corresponding form, proof that we have paid off the debt with the creditor and thus get off the list of defaulters.

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