Are you going on vacation and there will be no Wi-Fi? Don’t forget these programs

And it is that depending on the destination we have chosen, we must bear in mind that we will not always have an internet connection. In one way or another we are used to having a connection to download everything we need. Either via Wifi, from the fiber of the house or in any way. But it may be the case that we end up on vacation somewhere without Wi-Fi and without even coverage 4G. Therefore, in order to fully enjoy our computer portable, we are going to talk about a series of programs that you should pre-install before going on a trip.

If we want to be a bit forward-looking, we just have to think about the applications that we might need at any given time and throughout those days. The time that we are going to be away also comes into play here, although we must bear in mind that in most cases that time will be related to leisure. And we comment on this because that fact will be directly related to the type of software that we should take but installed.

Install some outstanding winter games

As we say we are on vacation, so it is more than likely that if you are regulars of PC games, you have some pending from these months ago. Therefore, what better time than to install them now, as long as they are offline games, in order to enjoy them in our vacation destination. Therefore, if we have bought them, for example, on Steam or in the Epic store, this is the best time to download and install them before going on a trip.

Thus, we will have them available at our destination for nothing more than having to execute them and start enjoying the vice.

Essential, a multimedia player

In addition, either on the computer’s own hard drive, on a usb disk, or in an external memory, most likely we will carry some movies and series. To this we must add that we could also have saved all our favorite music in MP3. And we must bear in mind that if we do not have an internet connection, we will not be able to access platforms such as Netflix or Spotify.

Therefore, in order to enjoy all these contents that we are talking about, it will be essential that we have a multimedia player

Bring the antivirus correctly updated

It can also be the case that when we are in holidays someone lends us a device with music or videos, or simply with documents of some kind. We are obviously going to connect this to our computer, so we strongly recommend that first of all you have updated the antivirus installed in the equipment and thus not take risks.

An office suite will never hurt

On the other hand, although possibly at first we will not need it, since we are on vacation, there will never be an office suite left over. And it is that programs like Word or Excel not only help us to work, since their uses are multiple. We tell you this because if necessary, pre-install a suite type Office or LibreOffice, at a certain moment it can be very useful to us, and it does not occupy so much.

Download the Windows 10 App Maps

In the event that we have planned to travel to multiple destinations and not all of them we are going to have the beloved internet connection, it will be very useful to download the maps from the Windows 10 app. We must bear in mind that we are not going to have access to platforms and services such as the useful Google Maps, so the Maps application integrated in the operating system itself may not work either.

However, this is a program that gives us the opportunity to download maps that we deem appropriate in order to be able to use them later in the offline mode.

To do this, we only have to go to the program settings and click on Choose maps in the Offline Maps section.

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