Are you going to buy an Intel PC? See if your refrigeration is compatible

The recent appearance of the new generation of Intel processors has brought with it a series of important changes and not only at the architectural level, but also in order to maintain cooling under LGA1700, the new socket that stands out for the fact that in the new generation of processors has discarded the classic square shape for a totally rectangular one.

This means that when it comes to cooling in LGA1700 the rules change, and at first glance it would be necessary to buy a new heat sink or a completely new AIO cooler. However, the manufacturers of solutions to keep the processor temperature low have been forced, due to the current situation, to make a joint decision in their product ranges to keep the new Intel Core 12 very cool.

Cooling a CPU is always necessary

PC internal liquid cooling

Before focusing on cooling for the LGA1700, we must remember a very relevant issue regarding Intel processors, since in the case of their desktop CPUs, these are based on reaching a very high TDP to reach certain performance limits. Let’s not forget that in the PL2 mode, in the case of the i9, they can reach consumption above 200 W and with it high temperatures.

Therefore, it is necessary to mount a good cooling system on our Intel Core 12 for desktop computers, either by air or liquid. Especially processors with fully unlocked overclocking capabilities such as the i5-12600K, i7-12700K and i9-12900K models and their KF variants, which only differ in whether they have the integrated GPU active or not. .


While it is true that Intel brings a simple heatsink as standard with its new processors, the so-called RM1 is more than clear that it will be necessary to provide quality cooling to the CPU of our PC. Not only so that it lasts us more years, but so that it can reach its performance peaks for longer periods of time.

Good cooling in a processor also allows us to maintain higher speeds than the base speed during the same as standard without having to worry about the processor overheating. In addition, they also help us keep other components cool in some cases, such as RAM.

How is the LGA1700 socket?

LGA1700 Socket Intel Core 12

For the Intel Core 12 and its successors, Intel has decided to create a new 1700-pin LGA-type socket with a rectangular shape and, therefore, without the same dimensions as the previous socket. This means that 600 series motherboards, and potentially 700 series motherboards, have a different hole pattern for mounting heat sinks and AIO coolers. These changes mean that the brackets used to mount the different heatsinks or AIO coolers in the LGA1700 socket are not the same as in the previous generation.

However, the different manufacturers, due to the shortage of components, have come to the conclusion that it makes no sense to launch new coolers for LGA1700 and in general they have chosen to sell existing models for the LGA1200 socket with special adapters to allow mounting on the new socket. That yes, many manufacturers of motherboards of the Intel 600 series have made a calculation error and that is that they came to assume in advance that the new socket would mean a new family of AIO radiators for the LGA1700. The consequences? Some radiator models are not compatible with certain motherboard models due to their organization.

What cooling is supported by LGA1700?

LGA1700 cooling mounting kit

The entire ecosystem based on the Intel Core 12 has appeared at a time when the scarcity of components has meant that manufacturers have preferred to take advantage of products already designed for LGA 1200, but with the difference that they have begun to sell them with parts that allow them to adapt to the new processor socket. This saves us having to buy them separately, which is greatly appreciated.

In the event that you have an AIO cooling or a heat sink for LGA 1200, it will simply be enough for you to buy the adapter, but high, it must be taken into account that not all motherboards are compatible with the different models for refrigeration and vice versa. That is why we have prepared a series of lists divided by brand for which system to keep the CPU fresh as long as possible.

In the event that you have a heatsink or liquid cooling compatible with LGA1200 and you do not want to go through the box again, do not despair either, since it is possible to buy the adapter separately. Of course, you must buy it from the brand from which you intend to buy the refrigeration unit. Due to the fact that you may encounter compatibility problems when each brand uses its own hardware.


ROG Ryūjin

  • ROG Ryujin II 240/ 360
  • ROG Ryūjin 240/360
  • ROG Ryūo 240/120

be quiet!

Be Quiet Cooling

  • Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Dark Rock 4
  • Dark Rock Slim
  • Dark Rock TF 2
  • Shadow Rock 3
  • Shadow Rock Slim 2
  • Shadow Rock LP
  • Pure Rock 2
  • pure rock
  • SilentLoop 2
  • PureLoop


HY710i Elite Cappellix Noctua

  • iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT
  • iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT
  • iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT
  • iCUE H60i RGB PRO XT
  • Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM 280mm
  • Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm
  • Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE 240mm
  • Hydro Series H100x
  • Hydro Series H60 (2018) 120mm


Noctua NH-C14S

  • NH-C14S
  • NH-D15
  • NH-D15 SE-AM4
  • NH-D15
  • NH-D15S
  • NH-D15S
  • NH-D9DX i4 3U
  • NH-D9L
  • NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition
  • NH-L12S
  • NH-L9x65
  • NH-L9x65 SE-AM4
  • NH-P1
  • NH-U12A
  • NH-U12A
  • NH-U12DX i4
  • NH-U12S
  • NH-U12S
  • NH-U12S redux
  • NH-U14S
  • NH-U9DX i4
  • NH-U9S
  • NH-U9S

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