Are you going to buy the iPhone 14 Pro? Stop and read this before

The iPhone 14 Pro is a device that has not left anyone indifferent, generating positive and negative reviews from Apple’s flagship for this 2023. However, the gap between generations has been very small, so there are many reasons to do not renew the device or buy the iPhone 13 Pro in third-party stores.

Reasons not to buy the iPhone 14 Pro

There are several reasons why the iPhone 14 Pro is not a good option to buy this Christmas or even in 2023, since for an average user, the differences between the two models are very small. Next, we are going to analyze the main reasons that determine that the iPhone 14 Pro is not a good purchase.

Storage and connections

With respect to storage, The 128 GB standard that the iPhone 14 Pro has is insufficient if you are a user who regularly uses the camera in Pro Raw format and the 4K video format. If you are that type of user, you will be forced to increase storage memory up to 256 GB of SSD memory, which, making a product that is already not cheap in itself more expensive. It is true that Apple has its own line of development, but it is impossible not to make comparisons when you see competing devices at a similar price or less than double, at least, storage.

iPhone 14 Pro

Continuing the point of development, the iPhone 14 series is the The only device in all Apple categories that currently does not have UBS-C and that maintains the Lighting connector. It is true that for an average user, this type of connector may be enough, but when you need to send files quickly and with a lot of weight, the connector lighting is inefficient and AirDrop is not a substitute for the Type-C connection. Also, for many users it doesn’t make sense to have the aforementioned features and the time it takes to transfer files to your Mac.

Battery, screen and iOS 16

The battery of the iPhone 14 Pro is practically identical to the previous generation. However, the resources that it needs are greater. From a panel point of view, the iPhone 14 includes the functions of ProMotionwhich makes the screen look amazing, but requires more battery resources.

The novelties that iOS 16 brings, such as the mode Al Ways on, i.e. screen always on and the function Photonic Engine Together with the modes mentioned, it consumes around 15-20% on a normal day, so, on a day with intense use, it could request a small charge at the end of the day. It is true that the processor is more efficient, but its improvement is insufficient for the resources demanded by the new iPhone unit.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Is it worth buying the iPhone 14 Pro?

We have analyzed some reasons that determine that buying an iPhone 14 Pro is not a good option due to its few novelties compared to the previous generation, that is, any of the iPhone 13 Pro unless you have very professional ones in photography and video that are worth the jump. On the other hand, the situation changes when you have a iPhone 12 Pro or earlier. In this situation, if the jump and renewal of the device could be recommended because if there are differences in the redesign of the notch, in the panel and a significant leap in cameras both in the quality of photos and video with improvements in stabilization and mode movies.

Screen off vs on iPhone 14 Pro Max

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