Are you going to buy the PS VR 2 from PS5? Sony is convinced that you will

Sony seems willing to bet on virtual reality in a decisive way and, unlike other technologies that it embarked on in the past and that quickly collapsed (3D on televisions at the time of PS3, for example), with his second generation he wants to break the record of sales of the first PS VR that hit the market just six years ago now. Do you know how they will get it?

A risky bet?

As we say, six years have passed since the launch of the first PS VR, a model of virtual reality glasses that were presented for PS4 and that they were a success although in the first moments Sony did not make it very clear the sales that they had achieved. Now, over time, we know that this model reached a million units sold in just eight months, so it was to be expected that the next generation would end up appearing on PS5.

It must be remembered that the Japanese launched their last console in November 2020 allowing PS VR users to switch from PS4 to the next-gen, simply acquiring a small USB converter cable for PS4 glasses that Sony gave to all owners of the accessory so they did not have, on the table, the obligation to renew the hardware with a more advanced device. But it will not be like that, and the PS VR 2 will arrive next year, in the month of March and from the company they are clear that they are going to sell them like churros.

Bloomber has just revealed a fact that speaks volumes about the confidence that the Japanese have in the second generation of virtual reality glasses, and they are the units that it is already manufacturing with the aim of putting them on sale “in early 2023”, which could well place that fork in the month of March. Well, that figure reaches two million units for the day one, which would mean comfortably exceeding the sales data of the first model only in the first weeks of life of the peripheral. And of course allow to have a stock enough to feed demand.

PS5 VR controllers

The reasons for that faith

That the Japanese have bet so heavily on these PS VR 2 in the current geoeconomic scenario that includes the scarcity of PS5 in stores has only one explanation: the users who tried PS VR have been so convinced of the experience that they want to repeat it at any price in their new generation machines. And the truth is that they lack reason.

Those who have actually tried the gaming experience on a PS VR have learned that playing this way is something else entirely, much more immersive and of a realism that is difficult to compare with any other sensation that we can have with a video game that is not VR: the experiences in the first person, the perception of seeing and feeling the scenarios in their real dimension and even mechanics of gameplay that completely change the traditional use of a gamepad.

So it stands to reason that with the arrival of PS5 Sony has decided to inject more graphic power into the VR experience after receiving the feedback that the community is ready to experiment with a new model.

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