Are you going to install Ubuntu 21.10? What you should do before and after

The truth is that this new version does not bring great news or features that stand out especially. Canonical has basically included a new Kernel (5.14), the new version of GNOME 40 and has updated the installer to make it simpler and more intuitive, but little else. Even so, if we are not using an extended support version, and we want to hold out with support until the next LTS is released, it will be necessary to go through it.

And, to avoid problems, here are some recommendations.

What to do before updating a Linux distro

Either because we are going to update by hand, or because a message has appeared indicating that the new version is already available, we must prepare manually for the update.

The first thing we must do is install the latest Ubuntu updates on our PC. This is not mandatory, but it helps us so that, if a problem has been detected in the update process, our system is prepared and mitigates it. We must also update the installed programs so that nothing causes conflict in the process.

A data backup It never hurts, because, although it is unlikely that something will go wrong, it is better to always be prepared and, in the event of a catastrophe, to be able to recover easily.

Finally, we can make sure that the new Linux will work without problems on our PC by downloading the ISO image of the system, copying it to a USB and booting in Live mode. This way we can be sure that there are no incompatibilities with our PC and we will update calmly.

I have already upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10, now what?

If we have already installed this new distro, we can start using all its improvements and news. But, in order to get the most out of our distro, we must perform a few more tasks.

The first thing we should do as soon as we install the new version is check for Ubuntu updates, and all programs, from the terminal. It is possible that, since its launch, Canonical has released a patch to correct bugs and errors, and, to avoid suffering them, we must install them as soon as possible. The same goes for the programs, which may have been updated to improve compatibility with this new Ubuntu.

Another action that we must take is to activate a feature that, as standard, is hidden in Ubuntu, and is the possibility of minimize windows by clicking on their icon in the sidebar. We can do this with the following command:

gsettings set click-action 'minimize'

Other tasks that we can also carry out after installing our new distro are:

  • See the new wallpapers (and change the one we like the most).
  • Try what’s new in Ubuntu and GNOME (night mode, the battery icon in the top bar, etc).
  • Set the location to see the weather.
  • Install Flatpak.
  • Download new programs, both from the official repositories and from Snap or Flatpak.

Now, to enjoy the new Ubuntu 21.10 «Impish Indri«.

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