Are you going to make more Star Wars movies?

However, hits like The Mandalorian and the renewed interest in other series, What Bobba Fett’s book, have reawakened hope and confirmed new films of Star wars.

Of course, many of the projects are still in their initial phase and there are still no definitive dates, so everything can change.

The new Star Wars movies we’ll see, starting with Rogue Squadron

In a video that set the hearts of many fans racing, Patty Jenkins, the successful director of Wonder woman, confirmed that by 2023 the X-Wings are flying again in style on the big screen, led by her.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron It has an expected release date of December 22, 2023 and will be the next movie of the franchise.

Taika Waikiki’s Star Wars movie

Jenkins isn’t the only one jumping from superheroes into space. Taika Waikiki is the fashion director, having resurrected the Marvel MCU’s Thor saga with the hilarious Thor: Ragnarok and the expected Thor: Love and Thunder.

Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed from Disney that Waikiki to direct a new film from Star Wars and will be very much in his line: “Fresh, unexpected and … unique”, in his words.

It is hoped that the New Zealand director brings his particular vision to the universe Star wars And we will have to be patient, since there is talk of the premiere for December 2025, or Christmas 2027.

Rian Johnson doesn’t seem to be completely gone

Rian Johnson directed The last jediWithout a doubt, the movie of the last trilogy that you love or hate, there is usually no middle ground. Apparently, his bosses did like him and, at the time, it was announced that he would direct a new trilogy of films.

Nevertheless, that project has been plagued with rumors and obstacles.

Some say it is abandoned and others that it is still alive. Little else is known, except that Johnson proposed a story far removed from the places and characters that have been so familiar to us, exploring another facet of the wide universe. Star wars.

Kevin Feige, Marvel’s influence on Star Wars

It is not surprising that, faced with the somewhat erratic course of the galactic saga, Disney has also made use of Kevin Feige, all-powerful Marvel producer, to use his magic in a new era of movies and stories.

Not much else is known, except that there are rumors that Feige has already come into contact with a name that sounds a lot to lead a new movie.

On top of that, director JD Dillard would be preparing another film more, that would take place in Exegol, the Sith planet. For all this, yes, we will have to wait a few years.

Either way, the fans are in luck. After a time of doubts, Christmas 2023 ushers in a new era of movies of Star wars which, at the very least, promises.

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