Are you looking for a cheap iPad Pro? The 2020 version (256GB) is sold off with 240 € less

[Le Deal du Jour] Despite the new versions this year, especially thanks to the M1 chip, the iPad Pro 2020 remains an excellent plan for those looking for a high performance tablet for a lower price. Amazon is selling off its product from 256GB of storage with a minimum of 239 euros reduction.

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Despite the recent arrival of the iPad Pro equipped with an Apple M1 chip, it would be a mistake to put aside the previous generation. The latter features an A12Z Bionic chip, an improved version of the one integrated into the iPhone XS and XR, and even the most recent iteration of the Apple TV.

The iPad 2020 – in its Wifi + 4G and 256 GB version – is available on Amazon with nearly 220 euros less. We therefore find a price of 829.99 euros instead of the usual 1,069. In case you need more storage, the 512 and even 1TB versions are also on promotion on the same merchant site.

The iPad Pro 11 2020 seen from the front and its rear photo sensor // Source: Apple

To better understand the offer

  • Why is the 2020 version of the iPad Pro still a good deal?

Even if 2021 saw the arrival of the famous M1 chip in an iPad Pro, it would be criminal to consider that the 2020 version is already obsolete. The A12Z Bionic chip is still largely up to date to provide an iPad Pro experience by combining power, extended connectivity and solid battery life. Concretely, it will be rare to come across an application or a game having difficulties, even in multitasking. In addition, the latest version of iPadOS (version 14) further optimizes the capabilities of the device, with improvements in navigation and creation options.

On the hardware side, we are still on an 11-inch IPS screen that can go up to 120Hz, with exemplary finishes and with a very good peak in brightness. The photo is not left out either with a rear module equipped with 3 sensors including the famous LIDAR sensor dedicated to augmented reality and depth of field.

  • What does the Pro version bring more, compared to the iPad Air?

If the differences continue to diminish between the two models from year to year, especially from a material point of view, the philology depicted between the iPad Air and Pro is very different. The iPad Pro is much more centered around creation while the iPad Air is geared towards family and multimedia use. The first integrates for example Face ID while the second is satisfied with Touch ID. In the same idea, the screen of the iPad Air is limited to 60Hz and its powerful speakers, much less pleasant than the sound experience of the Pro.

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