Are you looking for an SSD for the PC? This costs 15 euros, do not let it escape

If your computer still has a normal hard drive, it is time to change it. SSDs make any computer, with a few years behind it, work as if it were a brand new PC. Thanks to these units it is possible remove bottlenecks from hard drives and manage to reduce loading times so that everything works faster and smoother. Once upon a time, an SSD was a very expensive investment. But, right now, we can get one for less than we imagined.

SSDs are of many types, many brands, and many qualities. But if we don’t want to have the best of the best, and one is enough for us to walk around the house, Patriot is one of the cheapest brands that we will find in this type of device. These drives allow us to achieve maximum read and write speeds (of about 500 MB/s, which is allowed by the SATA port) so as not to have any bottlenecks when using Windows and programs or, for example, loading games.

The price of SSDs grows exponentially as we search for more expensive drives. Therefore, if we do not need many gigabytes on the PC, and just enough to install Windows, the basic programs, and be able to work with the PC, we can upgrade for just 15 euros, especially if we take advantage of these offers. .

Ultra cheap SATA SSD hard drives

The first of the offers that we find in this type of device is this Patriot Memory SSD. This unit offers us a SATA 3 type connection that gives us a read and write speed of 6 Gbps. The 120 GB version is priced at just €15.29and with that capacity we can have plenty for Windows, Office and the essential programs for home use of the computer.

If we want a little more capacity, we also have other editions, for example, 240 GB for 21.99 euros, 480 GB for 39 euros, 1 TB for 69.80 euros and 2 TB for 183.27 euros. An excellent offer for an SSD that will give us full performance.

If we do not like the Patriot units, another alternative that we find is this Lexar NS100. In terms of features, they are practically the same, since they have the same connection port and the same speeds as the previous ones. But, being another manufacturer, they have other prices. We can get the 120 GB model for €13.99one euro and 30 cents cheaper than the previous one.

Then, although many of the capacities are exhausted, we have the 256 GB model for 41 euros, 1 TB for 84.58 euros, or 2 TB for 231.94 euros.

NVMe M.2 on offer

Finally, if our computer has an M.2 port to connect an NVMe to it, then we also have an excellent offer. This Transcend MTE110S 256GBwith NVMe PCIe Gen 3×4 interface, is reduced by 56% from its original price, so we can get hold of it for only 21.50 euros.

We also have it in other capacities, such as 128 GB (no offer), 512 GB (29% discount), 1 TB (30% discount), and 2 TB (no offer, and out of stock).

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