Are you protecting your company’s network infrastructure as you should?

Many companies already rely on the cloud and, of course, hackers are aware of it. These are on the lookout to undertake all kinds of attacks that may hit the ultimate goal: the theft of information. To avoid this, protecting the network infrastructure is essential, but not many companies do it as well as they should.

Perhaps there is a critical part in relation to cybersecurity and that is that there is a tendency to focus on its surface appearance, that is, the internet. This, by itself, is not enough and despite how economical investment in cybersecurity is in the long term, it is essential. In addition to the Internet and all the data in the cloud, the network infrastructure is more extensive. There are software and equipment that deserve attention.

Tougher access restrictions

Perhaps the first often overlooked gap in network infrastructure protection is precisely this. Giving too many people access to certain company information can be dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial that this is well managed, managing permissions properly and checking that ex-employee accounts are inactive.

Remove generic credentials

Although, in general, companies offer individual credentials to access certain services within the company, there are some that have not yet realized the risk to which they are exposed. Generic credentials are very comfortable, it is true, but in the long term they can play against any organization and some reasons that should be analyzed are the following:

Access controls are poor. It will be more complicated to know who has accessed certain information or who has modified a specific document. For this reason, individual credentials are necessary with an access control system that prevents unwanted entries into the network.

Increases the chance that credentials are compromised. Since they are generic, any former employee or person outside the company (to whom they are provided) can have access to the organization’s network. Therefore, this must be changed as soon as possible.

Conduct a risk assessment

The aforementioned is often overlooked by a mistake that some companies make, such as not carrying out a risk assessment. This means that certain aspects are overlooked that are essential to know from where a network infrastructure starts and what steps should be taken to improve it. For this, it may also be interesting to take into account the following point.

Train employees to protect network infrastructure

Finally, one last way to protect network infrastructure is to train company employees not to allow hackers access to the network who can mislead them. A fraudulent mail or any other method may be entry ways that infect the network infrastructure. Therefore, the knowledge on the part of the workers about how they should act in the face of this is vital.

All these actions are essential to ensure that the network infrastructure of any company is protected and that it has the necessary barriers so that it is not vulnerable to any type of attack. Cybersecurity is a fundamental investment and it is useful to know if the protection offered is complete and includes the elements mentioned. Only then, security will be total.

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