Are you satisfied with the screen of the iPad mini? Apple wants to know

Questions Apple asks customers

The fact that Apple does different user surveys is not new. The truth is that it is a practice that is quite frequent to be able to know the opinion of the clients to be able to improve the device taking into account these criteria. Now it has been the turn of the iPad mini, which is a team that still maintains an older design with pronounced bezels, and that it is the next to take the step to a more modern design. This is why this is an indication that Apple wants to understand how many users are using its iPad mini before launching.

The first question that has been asked in the survey is to be able to know the opinion about the size of the screen size of the iPad mini 4. Specifically, you want to know if it is large, small or just the right size for the use you want to give it. This is what can be seen in the possible answers that the company gives to answer the question. This may be related to the fact that the new iPad mini will have a larger screen by reducing the bezels but keeping the same size of the chassis. This is something that has been seen in other products such as the fourth generation iPad Air. And it is that Mark Gurman himself was referring precisely to the fact that the next iPad mini would have a design similar to that of the new iPad Air or the iPad Pro. This would make the mythical Home button disappear, becoming on one of the sides.

iPad mini 6 concept

The rest of the questions asked in the survey are much more general. Specifically, it is requested that a review be made of the rest of the device with which the Apple ecosystem or other brands are available. To this is also added the question about the accessories used. Here they can enter from chargers, through simple covers and even wireless keyboards.

Will Apple listen to the polls?

Keep in mind that if the rumors turn out to be true, the new generation iPad mini is just around the corner. This is indicative that the design is more than decided and that is why these answers may not have a special effect on Apple’s decisions today. This does not mean that for future renovations all these notes can be taken into account, especially questions related to accessories.

Analysts looking for a sense for these kinds of questions right now are pointing to a simple marketing strategy. It is possible that in the presentation of this renewal these data will be used to justify its decision. But it is clear that previously many other studies have also been done that end up justifying the 0.5-inch screen increase according to the different rumors.

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