Are you witty on Twitter? Turn your tweets into NFTs and sell them

Over the last few weeks, a multitude of companies and platforms have been launching into the use of NFT, those digital goods that are giving so much to talk about. All kinds of technology firms related to the video game sector, social networks, or large technology service companies come into play here.

This is something that directly affects many users around the world, and not all of them are completely in agreement with the use of NFTs. In fact, we have recently been able to see the massive rejection that these Non Fungible Token have had by intruding on certain gaming-related companies. How could it be otherwise, some of the main social platforms were not going to free themselves from these virtual elements.

That is why in these lines we are going to talk about the TwNFT tool. To give you an idea, we refer to a web application that allows us to mint our Twitter tweets as NFTs for free. Obviously, to achieve good results in this sense, we must be original as well as ingenious in our content on the social network Twitter.

What is TwNFT and how can we benefit from it?

To begin with, we will tell you that this is a fairly recent application with which to take advantage of the heyday of NFTs. It began to be devised at the beginning of the current year 2022 and the final idea of ​​the project as such occurred a few days later.

As we mentioned before at the beginning, this whole project came from the fact that users could mint their own NFTs. Well, its developer came to the conclusion that it would be very interesting to be able to coin our own tweets from the bird’s social network as NFT.

TwNFT interface

In fact, to date there was nothing like it on the market, which is why its creator wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. It is worth knowing that for your creation Different technologies have been used current. Among these we can highlight some as well known as NextJSTailwindCSS, firebase for the authentication and use of Twitter, Vercel or heroku, among other. At the same time, something that could not be missing here is the use of thirdweb to aid in web3 authentication and in the minting of the aforementioned NFTs.

How can we use the program to get NFT

Thus, being able to obtain the expected benefit through TwNFTthe first thing we must do is log in to the twitter social network. Next, we must use the URL corresponding to the tweet with which we want to obtain these digital goods. Of course, before starting to mint, we have the possibility to customize the image that will be minted and specify a name for the digital value that we want to obtain. Optionally, we can also add a brief description to the content from here.

Before finishing the process as such, the tool uses two checking methods to ensure that the user minting the NFT is the rightful owner of the tweet. In parallel, it is verified that that same content has not been coined previously. And it is that the developers of TwNFT do not allow to mint the same tweet several times to ensure that the new value is unique.

Therefore, if we are regular users of the social network, with a little imagination and originality we will have the possibility of easily coining our own NFTs. We will achieve all this through the aforementioned TwNFT program.

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