Are your AirPods waterproof? find it out

Not all AirPods have official protection

Sweat or raindrops are one of the AirPods’ worst enemies. Keep in mind that they are accessories that are exposed to this type of liquid, and we all know that electronics and liquid do not really get along. That is why there are many manufacturers who bet on apply different protections avoiding the entry of liquids to the internal components. This does not happen in all Apple AirPods that are not prepared, officially, to be able to resist the entry of rainwater or the same sweat.

Officially, the AirPods Pro are the only headphones that have IPX4 protection certified by the IEC 60529 standard. But it is only limited to the headphones themselves and not to the charging case that does not have this type of protection. Although Apple itself on its official website recognizes that this protection may decrease as a result of regular use, this is not a permanent condition.

In the case of the rest of AirPods, there is no type of protection as with the Pro models. Although, in daily use it can be seen in the daily use that is practiced that even if they are slightly damp with sweat or a light rain, no damage is produced. This is indicative that the sealing system is designed to prevent the entry of liquids but does not have any type of certification, this being quite common to save the costs of obtaining.

In case of failure, is it covered by the warranty?

The protection systems in any electronic device against liquids, and specifically in AirPods, is not infallible. Water can always get into the earbuds and end up breaking them. There is always the question of whether the AirPods warranty covers liquid damage, and the answer is no. In the conditions of the guarantee program, it is established that coverage will only be given to equipment that has suffered failures as a result of a manufacturing failure. This does not include the problems caused by misuse by the user who must pay.

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This may be somewhat illogical, but the truth is that Apple hides itself in the fact that this protection system cannot be tested individually in each of the headphones. This means that even if this protection is available, Apple recommends not exposing the accessories to a watery environment such as a swimming pool or putting them under the rain, especially AirPods Pro that have official protection, as they suffer damage. In the event that this happens, the company does not take charge of the repair and must be paid by the user himself.

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