Are Ziu headphones sold out at Carrefour? Here you have them, and cheaper!

The Apple AirPods MAX are the latest high-end headphones presented by the brand of the bitten apple. The big problem with these headphones AirPods MAX is that they cost 625 eurosbeing a luxury product.

Carrefour markets the Ziu Zmaxwhich are identical to those of Apple and cost 20 times less, specifically, they cost 30 euro. Due to its price there are hardly any stocks, they are replenished and fly instantly. But don’t worry, we have even cheaper alternatives.

Various clones of these headphones on AliExpress

There is a fairly repeated phrase on the internet is that, if something exists, the Chinese have copied it. This fame, obtained by hand, is quite true, since they copy everything they can. How could it be otherwise, they have copied the Apple AirPods MAX and position themselves as a great alternative to the Ziu Zmax from Carrefour.

We have in the first place the Arvin P9 that cost less than 8 euros. If one looks at the photos of the different models, they are clearly traced to those sold by Carrefour. It would not be unusual for them to be exactly the same, but with a change in brand name and model. These range from 7.29 euros to 7.92 euros and are sold very easily.

But wait, because there is an alternative that is even cheaper. We have the YP P9Max that cost 5 euros. Yes, these are one more imitation of the Apple and Carrefour models. While the above are an identical reproduction, these differ a bit. Specifically, it can be seen in the headband, which is smooth, not the “little holes” of the other models.

Maybe you are not convinced to buy in AliExpress, well, don’t worry, because you have them on Amazon. Specifically, you can find the Onseuk P9 for 15 euros, which does not stop being the other models sold by another company. They are identical to those sold on AliExpress, but with a change of seller’s name. They have few ratings, at least for now.

apple airpods max

What is the difference between the Apple AirPods MAX and these copies?

Indeed, the difference is in what you believe: the quality and the name. Apple variants are made of stainless steel, while these copies are made of plastic. Thus, the final price of the product is significantly reduced.

Another difference is in the built-in speakers, which are of poorer quality. We must bear in mind that Apple always seeks to offer a quality and differential product. Remember that a few years ago Apple acquired Beats, a high-end headphone company and the result of that purchase would be these headphones.

Finally, the most important difference is in the brand. Any product with the bitten apple logo costs between 2-5 times more, alone, for this factor. You pay for the brand, the exclusivity, the name. In the end, it is not for nothing that Apple products are associated with status, since innovation is very little.

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