ARM hires Tony Fadell, the inventor of the iPod

Tony Fadel

The one who was vice president of Apple for years, Tony Fadel, is once again related to those from Cupertino, albeit indirectly. After leaving Apple Park and starting his solo adventure, he has sold said technological “venture” to Google, and has returned to work for Apple, but from another company.

And that company is MRA, the designer of the processor architecture that is built into almost all Apple devices. A type of chip that Apple first tested many years ago in the iPod, and it was a complete success. And interestingly, history has labeled Tony Fadell as the “father” of the iPod. It is clear that the goat shoots the mountain….

Tony Fadell was years ago the apple vice president. And during that time, together with Steve Jobs, he was responsible for the design and launch of the famous iPod of the Cupertino company. It is for this reason that Fadell is labeled in the technological world as “the father of the iPod”.

He left Apple and founded Nest

But Fadell left Apple and created his own company. In 2010 he left the company and founded Nest, a smart thermostat company, a novelty at the time. Four years later, he sold the company to Google for $3.2 billion. Quite a hit, no doubt.

So with his life more than settled, he dedicated himself to investing in small technology startups to help foster new technologies. Until a few weeks ago René Haas, CEO of ARM, called him on the phone and told him to stop “fooling around” and go back to actually working for him. And Fadell has picked up the gauntlet.

And now sign for ARM

Will Fadell be the father of these processors?

So Tony Fadell has just joined ARM’s board of directors to help the company improve the design of its processors, now that those chips are no longer just in his beloved iPod, but after Apple’s success with all the A-series processors from iPhones and iPads, now also part of all new-age Macs Apple Siliconewith its M1 and M2.

So if only indirectly, history repeats itself and Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, returns to work for Apple, designing its ARM processors. Will he be the father of the next M3?

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